Греция: откройте для себя Спорады на яхте

  • Яхтенные маршруты
  • 20/12/2019

Потрясающие достопримечательности делают Грецию одним из лучших мест для отдыха на яхте. Здесь вы сможете полностью расслабиться на красивых пляжах, совершить покупки в Санторини или отправиться на скрытые от посторонних глаз острова, чтобы насладиться неповторимой атмосферой страны, которая знает, как украсть сердце тех, кто выбрал его в качестве места своего яхтенного круиза.

После Киклад следующая остановка рекомендуемого нами маршрута — однодневная экскурсия по архипелагу Спорад, состоящему из четырех основных зеленых островов и горстки небольших островков, покрытых густым сосновым лесом. Греческое название архипелага, означающее «разбросанный», относится к их положению в Эгейском море у побережья Фессалии. Живописные деревни и небольшие гавани характеризуют эти нетронутые и малоизвестные места, палитра которых оживает с яркими голубыми и блестящими зелеными насаждениями.

Что посмотреть во время тура по Спорадам?

Дальше мы расскажем вам о местах, которые стоит посетить во время вашего следующего маршрута по греческим островам.

Yacht tour of the Sporades: Skiathos

Skiathos is the most popular destination of the Sporades, full of bars and restaurants catering to a growing crowd of tourists. Indeed, the demands of mass tourism are transforming the island at a rapid pace and erasing the local traditions.

But secluded coves and quiet bays await those who reach Skiathos on a charter or sailing boat, welcoming them with an atmosphere of total relaxation.

In spite of its limited extension, Skiathos is one of Greece’s most popular and beloved islands, especially since it was featured in “Mamma mia!”, the film adaptation of the musical based on the songs of Abba. This worldwide promotion introduced the public to Skiathos’ spectacular white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters that appear in the opening shots that show Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth at the harbor.


Yacht tour of the Sporades: Skopelos

Skopelos has an almost mystical charm made of green expanses lapped by the sea, rolling hills, ancient monasteries and cliffs that descend sharply to the sea. These picturesque sites that nourish the soul, inspiring you to take a moment to enjoy the quiet and meditate, alternate with lively beaches and small towns made of webs of old, narrow alleys lined with tiny shops and taverns that come alive in the evenings.

Skopelos’ harbor is a Greek gem. The Venetian castle houses the beautiful frescos of the centuries-old church of Agios Athanasios.

Dock in Skopelos and have a bite of typropita, the local pie of fillo pastry stuffed with goat cheese. Fans of trekking can hike along the beautiful paths leading up to Mount Delphi and enjoy the breathtaking view of the archipelago from the top.

Before returning to your exclusive charter, treat yourself to a revitalizing stop in Ayios Ioannis, near Glossa: this is Skiathos’ most symbolic beach that fans out off the foot of a large cliff featuring a rocky formation at whose summit lies a small monastery.


Yacht tour of the Sporades: Alonissos

Alonissos is for those who wants to enjoy some time in Greece’s uncontaminated authentic nature. The Marine Park that includes the nearby deserted islets was created to safeguard the many species of local plants and animals, like the Mediterranean monk seal, a symbol of both the park and the island, that lives in the coves of the archipelago of Aloniossos and its stalagmite cliffs. The park is also home to the chamoises that populate the isle of Youra and the falcons of Skantsoura. In the summer months, visitors can participate to guided excursions and other experiences to discover the wonders of this natural paradise.

Yacht tour of the Sporades: Skyros

Skyros’ position, some twenty miles off the other islands of the archipelago almost in the middle of the Aegean Sea, makes it the most isolated island of the Sporades and also the one that has best preserved its beauty and traditions. It is also the biggest island, boasting lush expanses in the north and rocky, barren areas in the south. The coast is dotted with several wonderful coves that you can sail to on your luxury charter in Greece: notable ones are found in the north, near Atsitsa, and in the southern Kalamitsa Gulf. Visit Skiros town, once called Anemoisa, the “windy island” swept by the etesian. Whitewashed houses perched high on a hill dominated by the Venetian castle, are a reminder of the time when the island was a territory of the Republic of Venice before the Turks conquest of 1538.

The Sporades are the perfect destination of a charter tour of Greece, and a lovely stop before diving into the groovy atmosphere of Mykonos and Santorini.

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