Yacht Charter in Corsica: The Ultimate Highlights

Yacht Charter in Corsica: The Ultimate Highlights

The Mediterranean paradise of Corsica inspires every visitor with it’s magical turquoise seas, flavoursome fresh foods, hidden coves and authentic villages. The following list of attractions and activities will help make your yacht charter in Corsica an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Best Bays In Which To Drop Anchor in Corsica

Saint Florent

Saint Florent is perfect location to visit while yachting in Corsica.

The gulf of Saint Florent offers many bays and coves which can be explored directly from a luxury chartered yacht. The seas are clear and dotted with small harbours such as the town of Saint Florent.

Sagone Region

Located close to Cargrese, Chiuni Beach is one of the most peaceful and serene beaches in the Sagone Region. The sand is fine and stretches out over 800 meters. It is an ideal place for the whole family.

Gulf of Porto

A nature reserve, the Gulf of Porto is a magnificent piece of coastline featuring dramatic cliffs and unspoilt scrubland. The waters are clear, and the inaccessible caves host rich marine life. The area is undeveloped by tourism meaning wildlife can roam free. It is the perfect location to explore on board a chartered yacht.

Island attractions

Calanche Cliffs

Calanche Cliffs is perfect location to visit while yachting in Corsica.

The outlandish rock formations in Calanche de Piana can be seen in the area between the villages of Piana and Porto on the island’s west coast. Tender to a nearby beach before wandering along one of the several short hikes to some of the interesting rock formations. Erosion has created magnificent rocks which stand tall, looking out over the Mediterranean sea. 

Bonifacio Citadel

As you approach the area around Bonifacio, witness the stunning views of the limestone cliffs. Get lost in the irregular grid of streets of narrow alleyways in Bonifacio. You can access the old town through the marina and head up the steep stairs that will lead you to the citadel walls.

Bonifacia Citadel is perfect location to visit while yachting in Corsica.

Village d’Occi

Situated close to sea, the fascinating abandoned medieval village of Occi. The hilltop hamlet suffered from a lack of water due to the wells drying up in the area. Slowly but surely, Occi residents moved out and today the ruins are a popular hiking destination.

The Best Diving Sites in Corsica

Scandola Reserve

The crystal clear waters await divers and snorkelers around the Scandola Nature Reserve. Marine life is diverse and although you cannot dive inside the reserve, diving around the border offers similar quality.

Bomber Boeing B-17 Wreck Calvi

The ghostly remains of a B-17 Bomber from WW2 can be found just off the coast of Calvi. This presents a unique diving opportunity for enthusiasts. Venture down to the Mediterranean seabed to explore the large engines and propellers that nature is slowly reclaiming. A range of marine life now consider this WW2 bomber their home.

Information for yacht charterers

Travellers onboard a luxury yacht charter will enjoy a unique experience in Corsica. Being the second largest island in the Mediterranean and in close proximity to France, it is easily accessible from the water, and the spectacular journey will evoke feelings of adventure. With a wide selection of luxury yachts for charter in Corsica, Silver Star Yachting offers the highest standard of service.


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