Yachting Accessories: Superyachts and Submarines

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  • 31/10/2016

Video credits: uboatworx

Imagine being deep underwater, exploring shipwrecks and fantastic coral gardens—without needing to strap on a dive tank, or even having to get wet. The latest and greatest superyacht toy, the personal submarine, allows yacht guests to descend up to 300m while sitting in a state-of-the-art submarine and enjoying panoramic views of the watery deep from inside the clear acrylic dome.

The Dutch company U-Boat Worx is one of several companies designing submarines for the luxury yacht market, with their high-tech, light-weight and easy to operate models now being carried on an increasing number of superyachts and luxury expedition yachts. The three-person Super Yacht Sub 3 has been specially designed to fit on superyachts, and all come with a luxury leather interior and air-conditioning for comfort and that little bit of superyacht style! Submarines are the hottest toy on the superyacht market right now, and a demonstration submarine but U-Boat Worx at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show proved fantastically popular.

For those yacht guests who aren’t advanced divers, the underwater world just got a whole lot bigger and more exciting with the advent of these superyacht subs. No longer confined to the watery shallows with a snorkel or left back on the yacht, non-diving guests can now descend in their private sub to explore the surreal MS Zenobia shipwreck in Cyprus where fleets of vehicles still remain strapped to the cargo deck, or marvel at the underwater volcanic topography of the Aeolian Islands on a Sicily yacht charter.

On a Norway yacht charter you might descend into the deep, cold fjords, you could explore an ancient underwater city off Alexandria, or be astonished as your sub lights up a tropical underwater paradise in the Maldives or Caribbean. The possibilities for a yacht charter with a submarine are astonishing. You aren’t passive in your environment either, as the submarine has a mechanical arm which allows you to pick up objects from the sea floor, and you can manoeuvre with incredible agility around shipwrecks, reefs and curious marine creatures.

The charter yachts that carry submarines on board will be the most sought-after yachts this season, so get in contact with Silver Star Yachting with great haste to explore the final frontier on your next superyacht holiday.

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