Yacht Provisioning In Italy: Who Delivers Onboard?
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Yacht Provisioning In Italy: Who Delivers Onboard?

During your time exploring the beautiful Italian coast on your yacht charter, you will enjoy some of the most exquisite food, prepared and served onboard by the yacht’s very own chef. But, to many, the joy of international travel is the option to sample the local cuisine that is served in some of the region’s finest restaurants and famous eateries, both as and where you want to. 


Luckily it couldn’t be easier to enjoy local specialities aboard your yacht, as there are plenty of restaurants that specialise in yacht provisioning and will deliver straight to your passerelle. Ideal for both guests and crew, food options range from mouth-watering fresh pasta dishes to exotic sushi bowls. Explore yacht provisioning restaurants in Italy below.


Yacht provisioning around Portofino

While stunning Portofino is best visited by yacht, most yacht catering is based in neighbouring Rapello; it’s worth venturing inland to find some of the best restaurants in Tuscany.  


Portofino Gourmet Italy

Via Antonio Gramsci 15, 

16038, Santa Margherita 

Tel: +39 0185 286500

Website: http://www.portofinogourmetitaly.it/


Authentic Ligurian dishes, with tasting menus and a wide choice of delicacies, from tender octopus salad or zucchini frittata, to fresh seafood pasta or pork loin with rosemary. They specialise in yacht provisioning, event catering and can even provide a private chef on request.  


Mio Sushi

Via Goffredo Mameli 23, 

16035, Rapallo 

Tel: +39 0185 177 1719


Sushi platters, lunch and party boxes, from salmon sashimi to mixed rolls, nigiri and uramaki.  


Get delicious sushi in Italy with yacht provisioning


Pizzeria Pomodoro E Basilico

Via Passo del Tigullio 18, 

16035, Rapallo 

Tel: +39 339 146 6116


Perfect guest and crew food, they will deliver delicious fresh pizzas, mixed seafood platters, salads and even cheeseburgers.


Yacht provisioning around Cinque Terre


Not only are these five villages beautiful and dramatic to look at, but there are also several wonderful Cinque Terre restaurants to visit. For yacht catering and deliveries, however, try the following restaurants in nearby La Spezia:



Via Domenico Chiodo 79, 

19121, La Spezia 

Tel: +39 0187 778304

Website: https://www.isushi.it/it/ristorante/19


A wide range of sushi, sashimi, tempura and udong, with vegetarian and vegan options.   


Pizza Gourmet

Via Dei Mille 68, 

19121, La Spezia 

Tel: +39 0187 186 6598


Ideal guest and crew food, with delivery service of Neapolitan-style pizzas, as well as delicatessen favourites such as buffalo mozzarella, fresh ricotta, salami and olives.  


Pizza is incredible guest or crew food


Ristorante Grande Cina

Viale Italia 67, 

19124, La Spezia 

Tel: +39 339 713 4416

Website: https://grandecina.weebly.com/


Quality Chinese cuisine, including spring rolls, wantons, soups, chicken, meat and seafood dishes, with vegetarian and tofu options.


Yacht provisioning on the Amalfi Coast


Italy’s beautiful Amalfi coast has so many places to explore, and these two different restaurants both offer yacht catering.


La Capannina Più

Via le Botteghe, 34

80073, Capri

Tel: +39 081 837 88 99

Website: www.capanninacapri.it/it/ilbar


Italian and international dishes, as well as wines and spirits delivered to your yacht.


Shabu Amalfi 

Largo della Zecca 3, 

84011, Amalfi 

Tel:+39 089 873117

Website: https://www.shabufusion.it/punto-vendita/shabu-amalfi/ 


Sushi, sashimi, nigiri, maki, ramen, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.  


Yacht provisioning in Sardinia


The beautiful Costa Smeralda is a must during any yacht charter, and there is fine yacht catering to be found in Porto Cervo.  


Renato Pedrinelli Restaurant – Wine shop – Bar

Piazza Degli Ulivi, 

07021 Porto Cervo, 

Tel: +39 0789 91129

Website: https://www.renatopedrinelli.it/ 


Italian seafood and Mediterranean cuisine, from fresh pizzas and pastas, to seafood dishes and salads, with online ordering of more yacht provisioning also possible.  


Mouthwatering yacht catering - seafood pasta



Via della Conchiglia 4, 

07021 Porto Cervo

Tel: +39 347 135 7297

Website: https://www.umamitastexperience.it/en/umami-porto-cervo/ 


Japanese sushi fusion restaurant offering yacht catering service, with a wide selection of Japanese antipasti, carpaccio and tartare, sashimi, ceviche, nigiri, gunkan and uramaki.  


Yacht provisioning in Sicily

There is so much to see in Sicily, especially its beautiful Aeolian islands, where you can still get mouthwatering food delivered to your yacht.


Fusion Ristorante Pizzeria Bar

Porto Turistico, 

98050 Lipari

Tel: +39 320 716 5458


Pizzas, seafood and Sicilian specialities, such as swordfish or seafood pasta and grilled prawns.


Swordfish is just one part of yacht catering in Italy


Da Giovanni Ristorante Pizzeria

Via Roma 

98050, Stromboli  

Tel: +39 090 986301

Website: https://www.estateolie.net/isole-eolie/ristorante-pizzeria-da-giovanni-stromboli/ 


Fresh pizzas delivered, with vegetarian and vegan options, seafood dishes and pasta, and a choice of salads.  



Via Conte Ruggero 4/A, 

95129 Catania

Tel: +39 095 532585

Website: https://www.oxidiana.it/en/ 


Delivery service of Japanese and sushi cuisine, including tartare, sashimi, nigiri and fusion rolls.   


Italian cuisine rarely disappoints, but for those times when you just fancy a quiet evening onboard your yacht while giving the chef a break, there are plenty of restaurants which offer yacht provisioning services.  This means you can enjoy all the taste and freshness of the local cuisine, without having to step ashore.

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