Beauty and Perfection with an Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter Itinerary

Embark on your luxury yacht in Sicily and cruise some of Italy’s most stunning areas. From Palermo’s fusion of cultures to the Aeolian Islands: Vulcano, Panarea, Lipari and Stromboli. Discover the full mix of culture, fun, and nature when following this Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary.


Start your Sicily yacht charter in Palermo. Spend the first night moored outside this fabled city to enjoy a full day shopping at the famous local markets and discovering its stunning sites, such as the Cathedral or the Norman Palace. While here, don’t forget to indulge in fantastic Sicilian foods like arancini rice balls and deliciously sweet cannoli.


Alicudi, Filicudi
From Palermo, continue your yacht charter in the direction of the Aeolian Islands. Take a morning cruise to Alicudi, famous for its fantastic “granitas” (grated ice with syrup) and the sound of donkeys, which are still the main form of transport on the island. From Alicudi, which counts only about 100 inhabitants, continue to Filicudi, another picturesque island only a quick cruise away. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Filicudi still offers some of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Europe. We recommend circumnavigating the entire island before stopping for lunch onboard with a panoramic view across the island. The blue waters in this area also make it the ideal spot for watersports, snorkeling and diving. Before leaving this idyllic yacht charter spot, make sure to visit the astonishing Grotta del Bue Marino.


Next, take an early morning cruise to the greenest of the Aeolian Islands – the island of Salina. Covered with verdant forest and romantic vineyards, this is a true must-visit on an Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary. Additionally, the rugged coastline offers many coves, best reached with a private boat. Take some time to relax on one of Salina’s beautiful beaches or sunbath onboard your charter yacht,  marveling at the beauty of the surrounding islands. In the small town of Lingua, go ashore to taste the local granitas and don’t forget to visit some artisanal boutiques to buy a Malvasia or local capers. Furthermore, Salina is the only island of the Aeolian archipelago featuring harbor facilities. If you come here offseason, we recommend spending a quiet night in the harbor and stocking up on both water and gasoline.


Next up on the Sicily and Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary is Lipari, the largest island of the archipelago and also the most densely populated one. While its interior is bleak and mountainous, the coast is indented with beautiful beaches, perfect for an exhilarating swim. On the cultural side, do not miss the Acropolis, the Archaeological Park and the Archaeological Museum. Also, make sure to taste the specially treated sweet almonds – a famous local treat. For nature lovers, Lipari offers spectacular sceneries such as the obsidian flows that can be seen in the area of Canneto or dazzling pumice quarries that let the sea appear turquoise. To everyone arriving to the island on a private yacht charter, Lipari also offers many sheltered anchorages. Stop here to spend an evening ashore while at anchor in the areas of Sottomonastero or Marina Corta.


From Lipari, cruise to the most southern island of the archipelago, Vulcano. A sea channel  only 1.6 km wide separates this astonishing island from Lipari, while the northern coast of Sicily is only 12 nm away from its shores. The unique and specific look of of this island derives from the volcanoes that make it up: Monte Aria, Vulcanello, and Gran Cratere, whereby the latter is the only active one. Volcano features two safe bays,  Porto Levante and Porto Ponente. Here, you will also find the infamous Pozza dei Fanghi (“Puddle of Mudd”), a natural thermal pool where charter guests can test the power of the rejuvenating mud of the island themselves.


On the sixth day of your Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary, visit Panarea. This island attracts young people and celebrities alike with its timeless, fashionable glamour and has therefore been nicknamed the Aeolian Capri. It is the smallest island of the archipelago, but might just be the most picturesque one. The largest town is San Pietro, where you can find exclusive boutiques, restaurants and a lively nightlife. Also take some time to explore Punta Peppemaria, a prehistoric village near Punta Milazzese.  For nature lovers, we recommend the promontory close to the natural thermal springs, the islet of Basiluzzo and the rocks of Lisca Bianca. Finally, Panarea’s beautiful beaches and clear waters are ideal for some sunbathing and snorkeling. If you leave the island in the late evening in the direction of Stromboli, you will be able to admire the fascinating flow of lava from the sea.


The last islands of the archipelago to visit with your yacht hire are Stromboli and the nearby islet of Strombolicchio. As its volcano is among the highest in Europe and always active, you will be able to see it from miles away. It is therefore that the Romans called it the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. The beaches on Stromboli are another highlight, as they consist of fine, dark lava sand. This quiet island is ideal for a last day at anchor, where charter guests can fully enjoy a peaceful stay sunbathing and swimming on their charter yacht. Finally, don’t miss the chance to visit Ginostra, the smallest port in the world, located on the south-west side of Stromboli.


Palermo or Naples
After completing this exceptional Sicily and Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary, head back to Palermo or Naples, to disembark your charter yacht.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the region, we are able to prepare personalized itineraries according to the client's preferences. Once chosen the yacht we would be happy to propose different solutions and to present you all the hidden gems.

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