Ponza, the largest of the Pontine islands, is full of breathtaking scenery and unmissable views. Its coasts, alternating jagged beaches, and small coves to be conquered only by boat are a paradise for those aboard a luxury charter. A real gem for lovers of snorkelling and scuba diving: there are numerous underwater caves and small cliffs.

Once a prominent Roman seaport, Ponza features the remains of an imposing dam, large villas, and fish farms. Approaching the coast on a luxury charter in Ponza, the outline of the terraced farms and candy-coloured houses is clearly visible. The elegant Piazzetta, a gathering spot of the local high life, is the heart of the island.

Discover charming beaches on a luxury Ponza yacht charter

When you arrive in Ponza, the Italian phrase ‘la dolce vita’ will instantly become apparent. Highly popular with Italians and A-list celebrities seeking to keep a low profile, this idyllic island enjoys a slower pace of life that is best enjoyed in ultimate relaxation.

If you’re looking to enjoy all the frills that come with a modern Mediterranean island, you won’t find it on a Ponza yacht charter. Instead, you will be greeted by a wild, green landscape steeped in history and old-world charm. 

Ponza boasts 40 kilometres of rugged coastline dotted with inlets and small bays, including the Spiaggia Di Chiaia di Luna, or Half Moon Beach, which lies close to the Roman Galleria and Sorceress’s Grotta. Spiaggia Delle Felci is one of the most popular amongst tourists, meaning it can get very busy during the summer months. That said, it is a delightful spot to spend the evening ashore, with a few bars and restaurants serving Italian plates. Or, you could beat the crowds and enjoy the talents of the onboard private chef with the beautiful backdrop of the beach.

During your Ponza yacht charter, opt for the soft sands of Sant’Antonio for a dip into transparent waters. An old Roman passage connects it to Giancos – a stone’s throw from the marina. Another tunnel dating to Roman times is the access point to the famous Chiaia di Luna, a crescent-shaped spot surrounded by cliffs of white tuff overlooking the sea. Other dazzling beaches to include on your Ponza yacht charter itinerary are Cala Cercata, Cala Cavone, Grotta del Corallo, Cala Gaetano, and Cala Felci.

Near Le Forna, Ponza yacht charter guests will find three volcanic pools carved in the tuff by wind and sea. This enchanting spot has crystal-clear waters and a rocky seabed that attracts experienced divers.

After lunch, you can head back to your Ponza yacht charter to enjoy a chilled aperitif or a glass of Enoteca – the locally produced wine – in the shade of the hot afternoon sun.

A Palmarola yacht charter: trekking trails and enchanting views

In your Ponza yacht charter itinerary, make sure to venture to the small island of Palmarola, just 8 miles west of Ponza. 

Before retreating to your Palmarola yacht charter to unwind, step ashore for some interesting trekking adventures on Mounts Guarnieri, Tramontana, and Radica in Palmarola, the third island not far from Ponza and Ventotene

The waters near Faraglioni di Mezzogiorno house a spellbinding grotto, while the bay of La Forcina – transparent waters and sandy seabed – has boulders showing layers of stratifications and lava flows formed across the centuries. 

It is, however, La Cattedrale that holds a prime place among Palmarola’s most beautiful spots to see on a Palmarola yacht charter. Here, the elements have carved basalt hollows into the coastline, forming tall narrow caves in the shape of Gothic cathedrals.

An absolute must in a Palmarola yacht charter itinerary is a stop-off for a fantastic lunch of shellfish pasta. The restaurant is seasonal, and booking is advised, as it is the only restaurant on the island that boasts a total of two buildings; the only other building on the island belongs to one of the first families of fashion, the Fendi’s.

Ponza, Ventotene, and Palmarola feature evocative sights, clear waters, and secluded bays to discover on a luxury charter in the Pontine Islands.

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