Cinque Terre & Liguria Yacht Charter

Italy - Liguria & Cinque Terre

Tour the “Five Lands” on your luxury Liguria yacht charter to enjoy the beauty of the pristine nature and learn about old traditions. This is a culinary adventure to experience in the medieval towns and small fishing villages of Portofino, Corniglia, Porto Venere, Riomaggiore and the many other gems you will discover on your Liguria yacht charter.

Liguria and the Cinque Terre (“The Five Lands”) boast with tourist attractions. Their over 300 kilometers of steep cliffs and rugged coastline are dotted with jutting peaks and vast expanses of Mediterranean scrub. The duality of the Ligurian scenery features an ample choice of cultural and culinary itineraries, scuba diving options in the waters of maritime parks and trekking excursions in the heart of Mediterranean nature. Enjoy the quietness and privacy of the beaches with their marine biodiversity, and the postcard-perfect views offered by the Gulfs of Poeti, Tigullo, and Paradiso at sunset on your Cinque Terre yacht charter.

Genoa is the main port to hire on a luxury boat and sail easily along the Riviera’s over 300 kilometers of coast. To the east of Genoa stretches the Riviera di Levante, or “coast of the rising sun”, driving all the way to La Spezia. To the west is the Riviera di Ponente, or “coast of the setting sun”, that extends as far as Monaco. The Five Lands refer to Liguria’s most celebrated villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Together with Porto Venere and Palmaria, these locations are included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Site. Unspoiled by developments and disseminated with trekking pathways across the woods, the Cinque Terre feature a great variety of beaches to satisfy the most diverse needs. The only sandy beach of the area is located in Monterosso, but many more beautiful ones lay in the area, from the pebbly to rocky ones of Bonassole a Rionaggiore, Framura, Levanto, Vernazza, Guvano, Corviglia and Manarola.

During the Cinque Terre yacht charter holidays travelers will have the chance to stop at and visit the charming, historical locations of Sanremo, La Spezia, Santa Margherita Ligure, or the high-class towns of Portofino and Rapallo. Yachts and megayachts line up to access one of the most exclusive harbors of the Mediterranean. Portofino is an unchallenged heaven of privacy and luxury, where visitors can have a coffee at one of the many elegant boutique bars located by the piazza of one of the most renowned fishing villages of the world, or go shopping at the luxury stores of major brands.
The world of elite yachting meets here to enjoy summer and the social life at the most exclusive clubs of the Tyrrhenian coast.

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