Monaco & French Riviera Yacht Charter

French Riviera & Monte Carlo

Touring the southern coast of France on a French Riviera yacht charter you will encounter some of the most beautiful beaches and exclusive VIP destinations of the Mediterranean. Shopping in Cannes and Monte Carlo and having a blast in St. Tropez, Cannes and Nice are the ingredients of a truly unforgettable holiday!

Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, and Monaco are destinations that scream indulgence, exclusivity, and entertainment. The French Riviera is a top-rated destination for travellers seeking the good life and wonderful experience of going on a cruise onboard a luxury yacht charter.

Indeed, a French Riviera yacht charter is the best way to make the best of the myriad attractions, evocative scenery, beautiful beaches, and exclusive hip spots of the South coast of France. Each location boasts magic and uniqueness, offering sophisticated chances for relaxation and the exceptional charm of exclusive attractions.

In fact, a yacht charter in France offers the perfect opportunity for a full tour of the French Riviera; from the dynamic and energetic Nice, with its traditional cuisine and peculiarities, cruising all the way to Cannes, one of the world’s most famous harbours.

From March to May, Cannes is home to many prominent luxury exhibitions, its Croisette swarming with luxury yachts. These include the Cannes Yachting Festival, MIPIM Real Estate Show, and the Cannes Film Festival. Here, where luxury seafaring and indulgence are at home, it is impossible not to make a stop.

Many other locations deserve a stop, like Monaco, with its bucolic scenery brimming with casinos, elegant villas, and the high-life of V.I.P.s. Embarking on a yacht charter in France at the right time will allow you to enjoy the Monaco GP and the thrill of high speed at a close distance. Saint Tropez, the queen of the French Riviera, delights with the unique beauty of its beaches, where sunbathing mixes with relaxation and the fun of killing time at the historical spots of the French social life.

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