Corsica yacht charter itinerary: discover hidden nature

Set off on an unforgettable luxury yacht charter experience with a Corsica yacht charter itinerary. A sparkling gem in the Mediterranean, this island is ideally located just a short distance from France’s stunning coastline. Renowned as the ‘Scented Island,’ thanks to the island’s maquis, Corsica is home to 385 miles of pristine coastline and over 200 stunning beaches. 

Perfect for discovering on board a crewed yacht charter, Corsica is known for its clear blue seas, exquisite cuisine, picturesque villages, and rich history. Once Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile home, today it offers a unique yachting experience. Corsica mirrors Sardinia’s vibrant marine life, from lush landscapes to white sandy beaches, offering diverse activities like trekking and fishing. Partially untouched, Corsica features fully-equipped natural and artificial harbours, as well as a Regional Nature Park located in the island’s wildest area. Get ready to discover the beauty and charm of its coastal towns Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio, Propriano, Ajaccio, Girolata, Calvi, St Florent, and Bastia, while immersing yourself in the surrounding Lavezzi Islands with Silver Star Yachting’s bespoke Corsica Coast yacht charter itinerary.


Porto Vecchio – Bonifacio
Porto Vecchio is a stunning location to set off on your Corsican luxury charter adventure. Home to one of the most beautiful and photogenic bays in all of the Mediterranean, this historic town captivates all visitors thanks to its backdrop of lush hillsides and azure seas. Before boarding your crewed yacht, wander through its old town’s quaint streets and narrow staircases, discovering artisan shops and cafes. Take in the imposing walls of the 16th-century Genoese Citadel that dominate this port city’s skyline before embarking on your journey to Bonifacio.

As you cruise towards this majestic and historical town, you’ll be greeted by its stunning cliffs and the charm of its medieval heritage. Moor the first night in the bustling port, with a Citadel that watches over its old town. On the south side of the marina, Quia Comparetti, are several cafes, bars, and restaurants with terraces right by the water, inviting you to sit and enjoy a drink and sample some of the fresh, local seafood as the sun goes down – no Corsica yacht charter itinerary would be complete without indulging in the local delicacies!


Bonifacio – Lavezzi Islands
On the second day of your Corsica yacht charter itinerary, wake up and head ashore to explore more of the ancient town of Bonifacio. Take your time getting lost in the cosy alleys perched high on the rolling cliffs and walking through the well-preserved citadel fortifications. Tour the Saint-Dominique church that dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries before having an espresso in one of the lively Old Town squares.

Head back to your Corsica yacht charter and relax as you cruise to the Lavezzi Islands. A group of small islets, now a designated nature reserve, discover the untouched beauty of the isles from your tender while admiring the coastal rock formations and learning more about the shipwreck of the troopship Sémillante that sank in 1855. Unwind with a drink, and enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by your chef on the deck of your yacht as the stars come out.


Lavezzi – Propriano
On day three of your Corsica yacht charter itinerary, enjoy waking up to the beauty of the granite Lavezzi Islands. Head to Cala Achiarina, widely considered one of the best snorkelling spots in the small archipelago and spend a serendipity morning of swimming and snorkelling in the bay. 

A short cruising distance away from the archipelago, on the southwestern coast of the island, lies the charming town of Propriano, where you can spend the afternoon of your crewed yacht charter exploring some of its delectable restaurants, high-end boutiques and world-class marina. Walk along the promenade in Propriano to the heart of its beautiful old town centre and sample some local wines at one of the upper-class bars.


Propriano – Ajaccio
On day four of your Corsica yacht charter itinerary, cruise from Propriano to the Golf de Valinco, a spectacular bay with crystal clear waters and secluded coves ideal for a morning of water sports. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs and home to dense vegetation, you can also enjoy a brisk hike to enjoy mesmerising Mediterranean sea views.

After a hearty lunch onboard your yacht charter, you’ll continue to Ajaccio, the famous birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Situated on a sunny bay surrounded by citrus trees, olive groves and vineyards, Ajaccio is a unique and historic place, making it the perfect place to moor overnight. Head ashore to Place Foch, a quaint square surrounded by palm trees and small restaurants in the city centre. Soak up all the beauty and sophistication of this town and enjoy a blissful Mediterranean sunset before returning on board your crewed yacht charter.


Girolata – Ajaccio
On the fifth day of your Corsica yacht charter itinerary, have your crew organise an excursion to visit Napoléon’s birthplace, the Maison Bonaparte, a house-turned-museum at 1 rue Saint-Charles. Visit the cathedral where he was baptised before exploring the narrow streets of the old city of Ajaccio.

Return to your private yacht charter and anchor in the Gulf of Sagone for a thrilling afternoon of scuba diving adventures, where you can explore submerged planes and impressive underwater walls. Later, cruise towards Girolata, a quaint fishing village along the island’s western coast. Anchor in the small natural harbour for the night and watch the sun go down by the ever-watchful Genoese tower.


Girolata – Calvi
On the sixth day of cruising along the coast of Corsica, take in the dramatic backdrop of the village of Girolata. It is a unique sight to behold, located on a rocky peninsula surrounded by the sea and creeping up high red mountains. Take the tender to the small beach where you can sunbathe and walk along the shore, or head to the village with traditional stone houses, winding streets and typical architecture. 

Once back on board your Corsica yacht charter, navigate through Golfe of Girolata, admiring Scandola Nature Reserve, as you head to the mediaeval town of Calvi. Home to a pristine five-mile stretch of white sand beach and an impressive citadel that seems to rise out of the sea. Moor here for the night as you enjoy a banquet prepared by your private chef.


Calvi – St Florent
On the seventh day of your Corsica yacht charter itinerary, wake up early to visit the 13th-century fortress of Calvi. Stroll through the port town’s fine cobbled stone passageways lined with houses, stores and cafes. If you’re up for a challenge, hike up the hill to see the chapel of Norte Dame de la Serra, with stunning panoramic views of the area. Afterwards, enjoy a well-earned lunch at one of the restaurants that line the harbour on the Quai Landry esplanade. 

In the late afternoon, cruise to Saint-Florent (St Florent), a former fishing port known for its lively marina, traditional atmosphere, and historical sights. Moor in the marina and relax at one of the waterfront cafes, watching people and other yachts go by.


St Florent – Bastia
Wake up on the last day of your Corsica yacht charter and enjoy an espresso before visiting the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, one of the most beautiful on the island. Built in the 12th century on the site of an ancient Roman city, take in the Pisan architecture before walking through the small streets of the old town. Return to your yacht for an exquisite meal as you cruise towards Bastia.

The second most populated city on the island after Ajaccio, bars and restaurants line the sides of its old port. Once in Bastia, you can either end your Corsica yacht charter itinerary or carry on cruising following the itineraries of Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia and Ponza.


Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the region, we are able to prepare personalized itineraries according to the client's preferences. Once chosen the yacht we would be happy to propose different solutions and to present you all the hidden gems.

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