Leeward Islands - Antigua, Barbuda

Antigua Yacht Charter: Discover the Beauty of the Caribbean

Antigua Yacht Charter: Discover the Beauty of the Caribbean

The Leeward Islands are a tropical heaven of hidden coves and natural pools. You cannot miss visiting Antigua, with its energetic nightlife and tasty cuisine, and Barbuda, with its natural beauty.

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Consisting of more than 300 beaches, the Leeward Islands unveil all their heavenly charms when experienced from the comfort of a luxury yacht charter. The Islands are perfectly suited to exceed the expectations of visitors, gifting them with bays of fine pink sand and coves, which are hidden from view and accessible only by private boat. Ideal for snorkeling and diving among tropical fish and unspoiled coral reefs, the Leewards feature top-rated natural and social attractions, including uncontaminated rainforests, a lush vegetation, spellbinding crystal-clear waters, and a coastline that is punctuated with bolt-holes. A luxury yacht charter in Antigua or Barbuda will undoubtedly yield the ultimate beauty of this natural paradise. Moreover, charter guests will be treated to an excellent culinary tradition and sparkling nightlife, kept alive by a multitude of bars, restaurants, and exclusive clubs.

Charter a yacht in Antigua or Barbuda to relax, have fun and immerse yourself in the soothing and incomparable atmosphere of these magnificent waters; allow your sun kissed skin to be massaged by the gentle, warm breeze; split your time between romantic strolls along the stunning beaches and cruising the open blue waters. Among the Leewards’ many attractions is St. John, which boasts a nature reserve of thriving rain forests and the exceptionally transparent waters, along with the exclusive social life that makes the whole of the Caribbean islands a hip spot for luxury tourism.

Barbuda is a wild heaven of sandy beaches and a divine sea. Its traditional cuisine goes to the heart with its colors and mix of various influences - the legacy of a turbulent history, which saw numerous regimes claim the island for their own. Luxury yachts sail through its waters from December to March. This dreamy destination is best enjoyed on board from the comfort of your luxury charter yacht, which will drift with the relaxing rhythm of the calm waters. It will be very, very difficult to resist the call of this magical location.