British Virgin islands

Yacht Charter BVI: the icon of the Caribbean

Yacht Charter BVI: the icon of the Caribbean

This Caribbean paradise is the ideal destination of a luxury cruise with its wonderful beaches and crystal-clear waters that will not disappoint enthusiasts of snorkeling and water sports. You will adore the islands of St. Thomas, St. John and the Baths: an unforgettable experience.

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Encompassing more than 60 islands - of which only about ten are inhabited – it seems the British Virgin Islands were designed to be explored from the luxurious comfort of a charter yacht. The BVI’s turquoise waters, its hot (but not torrid) climate, its lush vegetation and its beaches of coral or volcanic origin lend them a charming hew that make them a dream charter destination.

The British Virgin Islands, a Territory of the British Crown, are among the top-rated yachting destinations of the Atlantic Ocean. The intimate bays and lengthy stretches of fine sand, which are protected by flourishing coral reefs, provide a picturesque setting to enjoy from your BVI charter yacht. Some of the most beloved and exclusive sea spots are Spring Bay, The Baths and Devil’s Bay. Guests can enjoy these islands’ immense beauty from on board the yacht or enjoy a completely secluded experience in the heavenly waters.

The Caribbean culture, which is enriched by centuries-old rituals and traditions, is yet another unique feature of this destination. A BVI yacht charter allows vacationers to experience the fascinating local lifestyle. Those who seek a more popular form of fun may head straight to St. Thomas - home to the best-equipped yacht harbor, as well as the main commercial and social center of the Islands, boasting a lively nightlife. 

This charming archipelago is the ideal destination for travelers in search of a tranquil and exciting experience at sea. Cruising on board a luxury BVI yacht charter is perfect for snorkeling, diving, and experiencing the peaceful calm of the Caribbean night and the tantalizing touch of the intense sun.