Capri, Ischia, Ponza Yacht Charter

Italy - Capri, Ischia, Ponza

From the cradle of the Gulf of Naples, pass by Capri’s Faraglioni and stop in Ischia for a thermal bath before enjoying the relax awaiting you on the Pontine Islands.


From the cradle of the Gulf of Naples, pass by Capri’s Faraglioni and stop in Ischia for a thermal bath before enjoying the relaxation awaiting you on the Pontine Islands – all this and more on a luxury Capri yacht charter.

Capri is one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations for a yacht charter. Between the gulfs of Naples and Gaeta a wonderful world lays before the eyes of sea travellers: rocks, cliffs, and sun-kissed islands alternate with hidden coves and breathtaking vistas. The Phlegraean and Pontine islands are a heavenly destination. To those arriving by yacht, the two, very different, archipelagos offer a truly unique experience.

Ischia, better known as “the green island”, is hospitable and warm. Its thermal waters make it a well-known destination for visitors seeking complete mind and body relax. Many little discoveries of heavenly spots of secluded coves and bays await tourists who decide to cruise along the coast of Ischia on a Capri yacht charter.
Opposite the Sorrentine Peninsula, at a close distance from its fellow islands, is Capri. Renowned worldwide for its striking Blue Grotto, three Faraglioni, and Piazza, Capri is an ideal yacht charter destination for travelers in search of relax, as well as fun.

The Pontine Islands, located northernmost of the Phlegraean archipelago, are yet another great destination. Ponza and Ventotene, the best known ones, are a perfect alternative to the usual tourist spots, a hideaway to go scuba diving away from the fuss of busier locations. This archipelago full of surprises is located at a short distance from the Gulf of Gaeta. It consists of six islands, each of which offers a distinct tourist experience.

Since it is hard to set on visiting just one of them, why not take advantage of the occasion and do a full tour? Visiting this destination on your Capri yacht charter means making new experiences at each new stop. This is an ideal itinerary for travelers in love with the islands and coves of the Tyrrhenian coast. Here, short stretches of sand alternate with a ragged coastline, creating an astounding landscape to visitors sailing at a shores distance.

Cruising in Capri, Ischia and Ponza, some of the most beautiful Italian islands, is an adventurous, fun and glamorous experience that features reserving tables at exclusive restaurants by the sea, or at the best clubs of Campania’s and Ponza’s nightlife, dining in the roads in the moonlight by Capri’s Faraglioni, and shopping at the luxury boutiques of Ischia’s Via Condotti.

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