Sardinia: A Guide to the Idyllic Yacht Charter Destination

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  • 03/06/2016

Yacht Charter in Sardinia.

White sanded beaches, deeply blue waters and a stunning, mountainous landscape characterise the ancient island of Sardinia. The tourist-friendly exterior contrasts perfectly with the pine tree-covered interior to offer great opportunity for exploration. A distinctive Mediterranean culture blends fine cuisine, charming port towns and unique festivals, and entices visitors from the world over, who flock to explore the island in the summer months. Once frequented by holidaying Roman Emperors, the island is now a favoured stop-off for the international jet set and Mediterranean yacht charters.


Alluring Landscape.

The varied coastline comprises an abundance of private bays and numerous islets, which make exploring the waters surrounding the main body of land a true delight. A yacht charter in Sardinia encapsulates the best of Italian travel: archaeological surprises reward the most intrepid explorers, with forts, remains of settlements – such as Tharros – and tombs scattered over the island; the national parks, such as Isola dell’Asinara, are among the most alluring in the Mediterranean; and the charming seaside towns, such as Porto Cervo, exemplify the most authentic Mediterranean charm. Certain beaches resemble scenes from a film; Spiaggia del Giunco, for example, treats the eyes to a spectacular sight indeed.


Gastronomic Greatness.

Enthusiasts of fine food are also in their element on a Sardinia yacht charter. Restaurants such as Dolceacqua in Olbia and Al Tuguri in Alghero drive Sardinia’s ever-growing reputation for culinary excellence, meaning that venturing from the yacht is always a worthwhile endeavour. Authentic trattorias are the most commonly found restaurants on the island, in which a relaxed atmosphere complements traditional dishes from the mainland and Sardinia itself. Expect to make friends with the owners; the residents of Sardinia will welcome you as one of their own.


Captivating Culture.

The laid back pace of life, although enchanting, belies a cultural calendar that is altogether more animated. Numerous cultural festivals light up the streets throughout the year: Festa della Birra Trinitaiese – a festival of dance and music; Festa di San Simplicio – a horseriding festival; and Cavalcata Sarda, a lively folk festival are just some of the best. In typical Italian fashion, streets teem with revellers, melodic music fills the air at any available opportunity and traditional folk dancing ensues.

Access to Other Destinations.

A yacht charter in Sardinia enables easy access to other exotic Mediterranean destinations, such as Corsica, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Ischia, Capri, and even Palma, Ibiza and Malta. Much of the Mediterranean is within easy reach, given the island’s location. This enables a diverse and memorable charter experience.

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