Passionate and professional, Silver Star Yachting is one of the more prominent luxury brokers on the international market. The loyalty and word of mouth referrals from scores of our clients are proof of our high standards. Here’s why you should trust us when chartering a yacht.

We are not new to this job
Rosanna Arcamone and Nicola Iacono – founders of Silver Star Yachting – are prominent professionals of the luxury yacht market. They founded Silver Star Yachting in 2008. Ever since, the increase of clients has been steady, as has the requests for charter management services for luxury boats. In a short time, SSY has made a name for itself as one of the main brokers of the Mediterranean, whether renting a yacht as an experienced seafarer or a first-time charterer.

We always assist the client in choosing the right yacht
We believe that the relationship with those who approach us to hire a yacht is very important. Our choice of more than 1400 luxury boats would give anybody a moment of pause! Relying on us means trusting our expertise in selecting the best possible yacht. The relationship with the clients is essential to addressing their needs in the right and most efficient way, providing the best advice on the itinerary and satisfying their every need.

We are effective, efficient, and fast
We are always available and ready to respond to our clients: these are two of the qualities with which we have always distinguished our service. We put our clients’ needs first: they can contact us via email or on the phone at any time. We care that they know they can put their trust in us, even with last minute requests or in case of unexpected events. Silver Star Yachting means having qualified professionals by your side before, during, and after the yacht charter.

We know the boats and crews
Over time, Silver Star Yachting has acquired an expertise on each boat and their crews. We have personally viewed and selected scores of yachts, experienced the chartering industry and nurtured relationships with the crews first-hand. This knowledge helps us to direct clients to the boats that best fit their needs and yacht charter expectations. When we cannot count on first-hand knowledge, we secure the best references for a safe charter.

We love the destinations and each itinerary
Because the Mediterranean is our home, we can provide the most exciting itineraries for our clients with interesting stops that alternate between relaxing and exciting. From Sardinia to the Amalfi Coast, Greece and the Balearic Islands, we always recommend the best destinations to our clients. Exclusive restaurants, secluded natural treasures, the best moorings and, thanks to a handpicked network of qualified partners, we take care of any land-based services our clients might need when renting a yacht.

We negotiate the best price
As soon as a client selects a yacht to rent from our choice of sailboats and motorboats, we negotiate the right price with the ship owner. Always on the side of the clients, we act as if we were organizing our own charter: we carefully attend to every issue and beyond. Our relationship of trust with the ship owners is proof that we offer our guests the best possible conditions when renting a yacht.