A yacht cruise of Western Corsica

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  • 03/07/2017

Western Corsica is a wild and uncontaminated destination, perfect for a yacht cruise devoted to relaxing and nature. Read our recommendations for a tour of Western Corsica from Calvi to Ajaccio via picturesque gulfs and dreamy beaches.


#1 Calvi

Our yacht tour of Corsica begins in Calvi, a renowned tourist destination since 1020, thanks to its history, the many cultural events organized in the summer, and its beautiful beach. The Citadel rises on a promontory, surrounded by high walls that safeguard a maze of suggestive alleys and lovely historical buildings, like Palais des Eveques de Sagone and the wonderful baroque Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, boasting an impressive dome of glazed tiles.

Fans of riding can enjoy a horse ride by the sea or on one of the many paths unfolding in the interior. In the afternoon rest on board lulled by the waters of Pointe de la Revellata, a jagged shoreline hiding a wonderful little inlet perfect for an evening swim.

#2 The Gulfs of Girolata and Porto

The Gulf of Girolata can be accessed only by the sea. Located near the Nature Reserve of Scandola, this piece of paradise boasts wind-sculpted landscapes of volcanic origin, enchanting coves, and steep cliffs. It is easy to spot dolphins and whales on the boat excursion that lets tourists in the Reserve.

The Gulf of Porto is one of the most suggestive and wild regions of Corsica, boasting red granite cliffs, turquoise waters, countless hidden grottos, as well as protected flora and fauna. Its quite, charming nature creates the atmosphere of a lost, magical world that tourists can access only by the sea on a luxury charter.

#3 Capo Rosso

On your way to the south reach Capo Rosso, the peninsula enclosing the Gulf of Porto. Trekking enthusiasts can leave the yacht and go on one of many excursions available in Capo Rosso. Those who would rather stay on board can explore this promontory of red granite, which was an outpost of the Maritime Republic of Genoa, and marvel at the many bays and caves hiding along the coast.

Corsica Vacanza Yacht Lusso

#3 Ajaccio

The last stop of our yacht tour of Western Corsica is the elegant Ajaccio, home to Napoleon’s childhood home and of the island’s only National Museum. Make time to stop at the Fesch Museum  featuring paintings by Bellini, Botticelli, Veronese, and Titian. Lunch at Palm Beach, one of Corsica nine starred restaurants, where Chef Wilfried Vernier cooks delicious meals inspired by the local gastronomy.

Corsica Noleggio Yacht Lusso Silver Star Yachting

The allure of the wind-sculpted landscapes, of grottos and coves encased in unspoiled nature will win your heart on your yacht cruise of Western Corsica. What next? Carry on with our yacht itinerary of Southern Corsica.


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