Visit Greece on a sailboat: a tour of the Dodecanese

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  • 20/11/2019

Chartering a luxury sailboat means experiencing intense emotions at the sea: a wonderful way to enhance and make unforgettable moments in dreamy maritime locations. Jack London, the great American novelist, had a passion for sailboating and he praised it in an article from 1912, entitled “The joy of small boat sailing”.

If you are a fan of luxury sailboat charters and do not want to miss visiting charming Greece, a destination appreciated by a growing number of tourists, we have a few tips for an exciting tour of the Dodecanese where you will visit picturesque spots and enjoy a truly unforgettable sailing experience.
Yachting in the Dodecanese: a tour guide

Yachting in Kos


Coast View At Small Church At Leros Island

Sandy beaches and an exciting nightlife make Kos one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Dodecanese Islands after Rhodes. Inhabited since 2000 b.C., first by the Carians from the nearby Asia Minor and later by the Dorians who colonised it for its strategic position in the Aegean Sea, Kos reached peak splendor in the Hellenistic and Roman eras thanks to its market, one of the biggest in the ancient world.

Dotted with Greece’s typical whitewashed houses with the blue doors adorned by bougainvillea, and surrounded by crystal-clear waters lapping against the lush Mediterranean vegetation, this island radiates a century-old charm and beauty that can be experienced first hand at the many archeological sites of Kos Town, including the Ancient Agora and the Hellenistic Gymnasium. Make time for a visit at the Archeological Museum (where you can see, among the many artefacts, a statue of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine who lived on the island) and the archeological site of Asklepion, the god of medicine, where Hippocrates founded his school and healing sanctuary.


Yachting in the Dodecanese: Leros

The charming and rocky island of Leros has been known for centuries for sponge fishing. Located not far from Kalimnos, it boasts picturesque coves and typical fishing villages radiating the authentic Greek spirit. Partly due to its recent history (it housed a mental institution until the 1950s) Leros is not your typical tourist destination.

Alinda Beach is the longest beach with transparent waters, powder-white sand and several secluded coves, like the tiny Krifo. The wild Xirokambos Beach, south-east of Agia Marina, boasts lots of hidden grottos and rocky cliffs. The water here is so transparent that you can peer as deep as 45 meters. If you love snorkeling and diving Xirokambos is your spot, as it features a vast area entirely dedicated to these activities.

Kos is also a heaven for watersports enthusiasts. The beaches on the northern coast are sandy with warm, shallow waters and pleasant gales, with dark seabeds in the south. Sail to Agios Fokas to steer clear of the crowd.

Yachting in the Dodecanese: Patmos


Enchanted beaches and a spectacular coastline, like that of the Cyclades and the Sporades, are the main attractions while touring Greece on a boat. Not so in Patmos, which is famous for the stunning old town of Chora and the 265 churches spread across its territory – one for each day of the year. The imposing and richly-decorated Greek Orthodox monastery of St John the Divine boasts terraces, yards, and a walkaway, as well as a decorated chapel and library housing thousands of precious books. The three, recently-restored windmills dating from the 1400s are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Yachting in the Dodecanese: Levitha

Lavitha is a tiny island that captures Greece’s purest essence, where time seems to stand still. The only family living on the island fishes, farms and manages the tavern serving local dishes in a picturesque and laid back atmosphere.

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