The Top Superyacht Toys Of 2020

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  • 15/04/2020

Memorable yacht charters are certainly made of beautiful sunsets, uncrowded white sandy beaches and quaint seaside restaurants – but they also consist of heady afternoons testing out the latest superyacht toys 

All superyachts available for private yacht charter feature their own unique combination of toys and tenders. These luxury playthings are hand-selected to provide exciting and fun additions to the luxury yachts they serve. As the yacht charter industry is one of the most innovative in the world, designers are constantly coming up with new and exhilarating water toys for yachts to tempt adrenalin-junkies on board.

Here is our guide to the five best superyacht toys of 2020

1. Tandem Jetovator 

This awesome bit of kit allows you to fly over the water in tandem, allowing a passenger to ride with an instructor or qualified crew member. The Tandem Jetovator has twin controls, allowing it to be controlled from the front or rear seat. This novel superyacht toy is also perfect for people who just want to experience the thrill of Hydro-flight without needing comprehensive training.

2. Aquaglide Assault Course

What could be more fun than challenging your family and friends on a floating assault course? You’ll feel like the star of a Wipeout TV show as your clamber over inflatable water toys such as slides, climbing frames, trampolines and challenging obstacle courses. It provides hours of fun! 

3. Esurf

Check out the world’s fastest and lightest electric surfboard, which can fly across the Mediterranean at speeds of up to 60mph. Powered by an electric battery and with a running time of 30 minutes, the Esurf Beta is the ultimate water toy for yachts with gutsy guests!

4. FunAir Toy Island 

Launched at last year’s Monaco Yacht Show, this ‘toy garage’ is a brilliant idea for yacht charters this summer. The inflatable island can trail behind your vessel, providing ‘parking’ space for a combination of superyacht toys such as jet skis, Seabobs, SUPS and dinghies.

5. The Seabob

This water toy for yachts is no newcomer to the list of the coolest gadgets to have onboard, but it’s one of our all time favourites. The world’s fastest underwater scooter with speeds up to 20km/hour, this German-designed water toy just keeps getting better and better, with the latest F5 SR model offering 745 newtons of power, improved manoeuvrability and stability from two rear fins, and two integrated cameras to capture all the amazing things you see underwater. 

The Seabob can be taken down to depths of 40m, making it an incredibly versatile underwater vehicle for diving. But it’s not only for underwater fun – the Seabob is also amazing when driven on the surface, reaching speeds of 22kms/hour.

These are the coolest superyacht toys of 2020 – please get in touch to enquire about our vessels with the best yacht toys.

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