Top Five Toys for your 2018 Mediterranean Yacht Charter

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  • 02/05/2018

Spring has sprung across Europe, and with the Mediterranean yachting season upon us, it’s high time to look at the top five watertoys for 2018.

We’ve spoken to the watertoy experts at Luxury Water Toys in Monaco to find out the must-have toys for your Italian yacht charter this summer. Promising adrenaline and summer fun in equal measure, these five phenomenal superyacht toys truly put the icing on the cake of a luxury yacht charter.


This state-of-the-art motorised surfboard has become a hot-ticket item for superyacht owners and charterers. Offering speeds up to 55 km/h and a ride experience that mixes the best of wakeboarding, surfing, and even motorbike riding, the Jetsurf can be used to cruise the coast, race across flat water, ride and flip behind the tender, or surf big waves.

With several models available from the novice and family friendly ULTRA SPORT model (speeds up to 48kms) right through to RACE TITANIUM for big wave surfers, the Jetsurf is supremely well-suited to superyachts, with its small 12kg carbon fibre frame making storage and launching a breeze.

Designed by an F1 driver for his personal use and now modified for the yachting market, the Jetsurf gives you the exhilarating freedom to launch off the yacht and discover the coastline on yacht charter in Italy.


This perennially popular superyacht toy continues to impress in 2018. The world’s fastest underwater scooter with speeds up to 20km/hour, this German-designed watertoy just keeps getting better and better, with the new F5SR model offering 745 newtons of power, improved manoeuvrability and stability from two rear fins, and two integrated cameras to capture all the amazing things you see underwater.

The Seabob can be driven fast or slow, and taken down to depths of 40m, making it an incredibly versatile underwater vehicle for diving.

But it’s not only for underwater fun – the Seabob is also amazing when driven on the surface, reaching speeds of 22kms/hour and allowing you to do some sightseeing with a difference! Imagine tearing along the Amalfi Coast on your Seabob, swimming underwater like a dolphin, or floating slowly into Capri’s Blue Grotto on your Italian yacht charter.


The Kymera is an electric jet bodyboard offering speeds up to 32km/h, as you launch off the swim platform and set off on an adventure.

Lying down as you do with traditional bodyboards means that you get a thrilling view close to the water while enjoying the ride on the comfortable, stable, and ergonomically designed board. The Kymera is simple to operate, with a hand lever for acceleration and change of direction achieved by merely rolling your hips in the direction you want to go.

The Kymera is designed for calm water and has up to two hours run-time, so is the perfect vehicle for exploring the emerald coves of Sardinia on an Italian yacht charter vacation. When you want to go fast, just hit the accelerator and feel the rooster tail shoot out the back of the board.

Given its small size, this is another perfect superyacht toy for Mediterranean summer.


Nautibuoy floating docks achieve the impossible: they extend your yacht, creating more real estate on the waterline to enjoy the superyacht lifestyle.

Whether you’re wanting a leisure floating dock for extra living room so you can drink cocktails on your own private island off the back of the yacht, or want a floating Jetski dock to make launching off on the watertoys even easier than ever, Nautibuoy’s award-winning range of inflatable platforms have radically changed the watertoy landscape.

Little kids (and big kids) will adore sunbathing on the floating dock attached by a line to the yacht, before dive bombing into the cool, deep sea. Reading a book while feeling the dock rock gently beneath you is a deliriously relaxing way to spend an afternoon, or bliss out with your partner with a romantic sunset cocktail.

The floating docks are extremely versatile, with modular construction so you can also use them as a drive-in, drive out dock for Jet-skis or Seabobs.


Personal watercraft like Waverunners are the quintessential superyacht toy, and Sea-Doo is one of the clear leaders in the luxury yacht market.

With a huge range of 11 models launched over the years, Sea-Doo has something from every kind of rider, from speed junkies to explorers to comfort-bugs, but they’ve really pulled out the stops with their revolutionary new model, the RXT-X 300.

The RXT-X 300 is a 3 person, sit-down PWC which has been ultra-designed for comfort and stability with all the mod cons. There’s a swim platform and a sun lounge seat, a waterproof storage locker, and even a Bluetooth audio system with USB charger so you can listen to your music underway. The stability has also been improved, whether at high speeds or when boarding.

Sea-Doo continues to operate at the top of its game, and this new model will be a must-have for discerning charter guests this summer.

If you’re looking for a yacht charter in Italy with one of these fantastic superyacht watertoys onboard, contact one of our expert yacht charter brokers at Silver Star Yachting.


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