The Top 5 Things to do on a Yacht Charter in Capri

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  • 07/01/2015

Known in Greek mythology as the isle of the sirens, Capri, with its dramatic white cliffs and dazzling blue sea, has enough natural beauty to charm even the coldest of hearts. Said to be a “paradise of idleness”, a holiday in Capri guarantees a wonderful amalgamation of nature, worldliness, history and culture. When heading out for this Mediterranean gem, you should have an itinerary set in place so as to see the best of the island. Our yacht charter experts put together a list of the top 5 things to do on a yacht charter in Capri:

Visit the Blue Grotto of Capri
The blue grotto was first discovered by the Romans in the time of Tiberius and was originally believed to be haunted by evil spirits. Consequently, the grotto was rarely frequented for many centuries and quickly became nothing more than a legend among the local Amalfians. As you enter the cove today, it is easy to see why the legend ever was. Quick flashes of light imitating the spectral movements of ghosts illuminate the ceiling while the purple seaweed that clings to the corners of the cove dance to the lapping waves as if electrified into life by the sun’s obscured rays. The solemnity of the place is eerie and the iridescent blue of the water is ethereal. Today, the legend of Capri is still alive.
Shopping in Capri and relaxing on the Piazzetta
Shopping in Capri is a joy. In every direction, the miniature streets of Capri are filled with some of the retail’s biggest names, from Dolce & Gabbana to Prada. These shops run side by side with artisan boutiques and craftsmen. Sandal-makers and local perfumeries rub shoulders shamelessly with high street brands. The cobbled roads are filled with the smell of Italian meats and cheeses, leather, warm bread and the refined rosemary and citrus tinted fragrance of the famous Carthusia perfume factory. At night these smells are replaced by the rising scent of wine and homemade dinners, for at the centre of the shopping district is the beautiful Piazzetta. Originally, it served as the town’s market square, but from modest beginnings it is now the location of Hollywood stars, who come to sip cappuccinos on small wicker chairs and upper class Italians who sit under vine covered verandas with a glass of red wine.
A day in Positano on the Amalfi Coast
Nestled in an enclave in the rolling Italian hills sits Positano, a perfect day trip destination for a Capri yacht charter holiday on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Terracotta rooftops cascade down the hillside into the dark blue sea of the Mediterranean. Steeply stacked houses of sun-bleached yellow align smartly among the green vegetation and wisteria-covered hotels. Arrive in Positano’s crescent bay for a truly magical experience of the Italian culture at its most refined.
Anchor in Faraglioni bay
The iconic image of Capri is surely the arching white rocks that rise up out of the azure sea at the tip of Faraglioni Bay to the island’s southeast. This will surely be your enduring memory of a holiday in Capri. Spend a day ambling along the coastline, beside Capri’s miniature beaches and cliffs. Navigate the huge white sculptured rocks of Faraglioni and experience diving the Mediterranean way in a sparkling, crystal clear sea. At sunset, climb above the Punta Tragara for stunning views of the rock formations below before following the winding track to private beach clubs and gourmet restaurants.
Ischia is the largest of the three islands off the coast of Naples (Procida, Capri and Ischia). However, there is far more to it than just its size among this trinity of stunning island escapes. Aloof in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ischia feels a million miles from the bustling streets of Naples, though in reality is only a short sea-faring journey away. Sant’Angelo is a calm and attractive town with charming boutiques of pottery and other crafts, while nearby Forio is an equally beautiful town with welcoming bars and boulevards lined with endless rows of trees. You can see it all by taking a leisurely stroll to the island’s highest point, Mount Epomeo. The views reveal the beautiful port towns, the forty kilometres of sandy coastline and the natural thermal springs, where people relax and indulge in the ultimate Amalfi Coast holiday.

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