The Three Essential Yacht Apps

  • Charter Advice
  • 03/02/2015

Smart phone applications are there to make life easier, yet with over 60 billion available to download, you may well find it easier to navigate the oceans than to find your way through the seemingly endless library of smart phone applications. So Silver Star Yachting have compiled a list of the five essential apps for yachting enthusiasts.


YachtWeather is a simple weather app specialised for seafaring users to aid in planning journeys around the most favourable weather conditions. This free app is particularly useful for guests aboard sailing yachts, but also for all guests travelling long distances or hoping to make use of their toys. The app includes up-to-date information on temperature, wind direction and speed, wave height, wave length, wave period, storm risk, precipitation risk, humidity, pressure and more. This may be particularly useful for those on a yacht charter in Sicily, where high winds are more common and weather is slightly less predictable than elsewhere in the Mediterranean.


Panoramio is a useful App with an archive of photos on a whole host of potential destinations across the world. The free application is the ideal tool for planning journeys based on your travel preferences and interests. One quick glance is all it takes. With geo-tagged Wikipedia articles embedded in the app, you can also learn more about the history and culture of your next berth destination and share that information. Panoramio is a useful app for exploring the many different historical towns and countries that the Mediterranean offers, in particular during a yacht charter of the Aeolian Islands, where each island of the Greek archipelago has its own unique character and history to discover.

Ship Finder

Ship Finder is your portal to locating and distinguishing any water bound vessel with a handy real time virtual radar. Detailed maps of coastal locations navigate you around the world and with its ship identifying capabilities make it possible to locate friends and family or to simply provide more information about a certain ship.

In our never-ending ambition to improve we explore and advise upon the latest yacht technologies to ensure a safer, happier and better yachting adventure.

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