The latest yacht toys to elevate your 2022 yachting experience

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  • 02/03/2022

As we enter 2022, it’s time to gear up with the latest yacht toys to ensure an optimal spring and summer Mediterranean yachting season. With a wide range of futuristic superyacht toys available for purchase, captains and superyacht owners continue to explore new ways to ramp up onboard entertainment and make the most of the water. Here are the six coolest (and sometimes extravagant) gadgets and yacht toy must-haves for 2022.


Six must-have yacht toys


Yacht toy 1: Vanqraft VQ16 watercraft 

This Dutch luxury 16-foot watercraft blows regular watercraft out of the water. The Vanqraft VQ16 superyacht toy bridges the gap between a high-speed watercraft and a yacht tender. In addition to the driver, there’s room for four passengers, positioned above the bow and the stern. The Vangraft Vq16 is crafted mainly from fibreglass, and thanks to this lightweight construction coupled with its 200-horsepower, 1.8-liter Yamaha engine, it can reach up to 46 mph (40 knots).


Yacht toy 2: Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle Board

Loeva’s “Le StandUp” board is made primarily of transparent materials, creating, in effect, a window on which you can stand while paddleboarding. It’s made of a special type of acrylic glass that is transparent, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant. In addition, this yacht toy weighs only 44 pounds, making it easy to transport. 

In addition to the clear zones, the Le StandUp board also features two rows of LED lights that can illuminate up to 15 metres for three hours. So, whether you’re paddling during the day or at night, you’ll see the underwater world in brilliant detail.


Yacht toy 3: FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool

A truly impressive superyacht toy to add to your yacht’s collection, whether you’re bringing the whole family together or preparing for a party, the FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool offers a luxury space where your guests can relax. The FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool transforms the water that surrounds your yacht into a safe and exclusive swimming pool, wherever your vessel is anchored in the world. The FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool includes a netted pool surrounded by an extended deck with loungers. Offering the utmost convenience, personal watercraft can be anchored alongside the sea pool, creating the ultimate space for fun on the water.


Yacht toy 4: Zapata Flyride

Zapata Flyride is the latest water product from Zapata, the founder of the iconic Flyboards. The Flyride lets you glide and fly on the water, offering an exclusive and exhilarating experience.

Easy to handle, the Zapata Flyride is designed to be accessible to all, whatever the user’s level. This incredible yacht toy offers many fun possibilities, including the option of doing spins, both single or double. In addition, the Zapata Flyride can accommodate up to two riders, enabling you to enjoy the thrill of gliding and flying across the water with friends and family.


Yacht toy 5: Martek Marine Anti Drone System for Yachts

Want to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi? First, you need a defence system that identifies any commercial drones operating within a 20-km radius and provides the GPS position of the drone and the pilot. Next, an electronic “exclusion zone” of 500 metres around the yacht is needed. Like a kind of sci-fi force field, this superyacht gadget blocks any unwanted aerial visitors.

And, if the drone reaches the perimeter of the exclusion zone, its controls and video signal are locked out, rendering the pilot’s controls useless and its “go home” function activated.


Yacht toy 6: SEAmagine Aurora-3C Private Submarine

The AURORA-3C submarine is a compact, lightweight submarine, which can accommodate a pilot and two passengers. The sub is ABS and DNV-GL rated and can sink to depths of up to 470-metres, making it the ideal 2022 superyacht toy for those wishing to explore below the waves. 

This personal submarine provides occupants with an exceptional, unobstructed view through the overhead hatches and side pontoons. It also offers the largest cabin space of any submarine in its class, remaining horizontal when submerged. When docked to a vessel on the surface, it docks at the stern, providing a safe deck for passenger embarkation.

Which of these superyacht toys and gadgets will you be enjoying 2022?


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