4 perfect snorkeling sites in Sicily

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  • 17/05/2017

There is no better way to have a relaxing holiday and enjoy the regenerating atmosphere of sealife and, why not, discover crystal-clear waters and beautiful seafloors, than by renting a luxury boat. If you are planning a yacht holiday in Sicily here is our choice of the four perfect snorkeling sites in the Mediterranean island.

Sicily Snorkeling
Where to snorkel in Sicily ilia
Snorkeling is a swimming practice that explores the flora and fauna of the seafloor with the aid of a diving mask and snorkel from the surface of the water to a maximum depth of 5 meters. Italy boasts lovely underwater landscapes that have preserved a timeless charm even if they cannot claim the tropical charm of the Maldives. Snorkeling can be practiced by anybody and is a growing trend in our country.

Snorkeling Sicily Favignana

Snorkeling in Sicily: Favignana and Riserva dello Zingaro

Resting between Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani, Riserva dello Zingaro is one of Sicily’s most enchanting maritime locations. Featuring 7 kilometers of protected strand of sand, turquoise waters, and alluring landscapes, the nature park is the best snorkeling site of the island. Calcareous cliffs are like the wings of a natural stage that embraces the Mediterranean vegetation and the vibrant algae, sponges and sea anemones that populate underwater grottoes with schools of darting fish. Dive deeper for a glimpse of red corals!

Snorkeling in Sicily: Ustica

Ustica, Italy’s first marine reserve, is a popular snorkeling destination in Sicily. Fans of the sport adore its spectacular seafloor. The basaltic rocks of Scoglio del Medico create a landscape of deep grottos, while the gorgonias and sponges of Secca della Colombara paint a beautiful caleidoscope. Sail to Grotta dei Gamberi, a horizontal, 40-meter deep inlet populated by the famous Ustica shrimps. In the summer tourists can snorkel at Cala Sidoti along marine biologists from Palermo University and learn the secrets of the Sicilian seabed from them via underwater earplugs.

Snorkeling Sicily Ustica

Snorkeling in Sicily: Plemmirio, south of Siracusa

Plemmirio is another marine reserve featuring 1500 hectares of water and located on the eastern side of the peninsula of Maddalena. The seafloor from Castelluccio and Punta Tavernara is shallow, but it reaches a depth of 40 meters in the stretch going from Punta Tavernara to Capo Murro di Porco. Explore the microenvironments housed in the many grottos created by marine abrasion.
Marvel at the extraordinary Mediterranean biostructures jutting like coral reefs along the water edge and swim among the many fish species that populate these waters. In the Aeneis Virgilio writes that this site, a must-see destination if you are visiting Sicily on a charter, is the meeting point of land and sea.

Plemmirio Snorkeling Sicily

Snorkeling in Sicily: the Aeolian Islands

Charting a boat in Sicily is a great way to enjoy a holiday dedicated to adventures in the nature and other unforgettable experiences, including a cruise of the Aeolian Islands. The seascape is astonishing even in shallow waters. Expert swimmers can go as far as Vulcano to the popular Piscina di Venere to bathe in the emerald waters of a natural pool nesting among the rocks

Go through a narrow passage to reach an opening that recalls scenes of Blue Lagoon. The light filtering from above along a rocky cliff lightens up the interior of the cave where fish and corals live in shallow waters. Leave this magical site diving through the green hues of a natural pool.
These sites in Sicily are perfect snorkeling spots. Go on an adventure among hidden landscapes and underwater beauties, schools of fish and fields of posidonia, having a special glimpse of the life that stirs this piece of marine heaven.


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