Sardinia’s 5 dreamy beaches to reach only by yacht

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  • 23/06/2017

The best beaches in Sardinia? The ones you can access only by the sea!
Sandy dunes, cliffs creating ever-changing vistas dotted with juniper, and hidden coves: Sardinia, the second largest island of the Mediterranean, is the perfect destination for a holiday that mixes visits to the most up-to-date destinations with unforgettable landscapes. Immersed in varied and uncontaminated environments, the island’s coastline alternates sandy strips of sands and polished pebbles, shallow seabed and great depths to explore. Find a detailed map of Sardinia’s beaches on the website “Sardegna Turismo” and let us help you to pick the island’s five dreamy beaches you will be able to access only by yacht.

Spiagge Sardegna Via Mare

Cala Isola dei Porri and Cala Granara, the most enchanting beaches of Northern Sardinia

The small strands of Cala Isola dei Porri shine among Sardinia’s most beautiful destinations. They can be accessed only by the sea, or with a half-day walk on a rough path going from Villaggio Bagaglino (in the Stintino area) to Cala Coscia di Donna. This position makes it one of the least accessible sites of the region, where the island bares its soul for the tourist, away from the hustle and bustle of the international crowd and clubs of Costa Smeralda. A few meters from the shore the seabed is already deep, its surface covered in pebbles and light sand can be clearly visible through the transparent green-blue waters. This spot is a real isolated gem where tourists make the best of a day at sea.

Cala Granara is instead located in the Maddalena Archipelago, surrounded by a low reef and impossible to access by land. The pure charm of its light sand, polished rocks, and a crystal-clear waters will win your heart.

Yacht Lusso Noleggio Sardegna Spiagge

Spiaggia di Cuccureddu and Golfo della Mezzaluna: the beaches of Southern Sardinia you cannot miss

Countless stunning shores dot the coast of Southern Sardinia. Here the island reveals its African features boasting small inlets that can be accessed only by the sea, surrounded by dunes and a vegetation of cactus and agaves. On the east coast Spiaggia di Cuccureddu is a gem encased in the Villasimius area that can be reached only by the sea, reserved for the tourists sailing to Sardinia on a luxury yacht. Given its isolated position, this is one of the few really unspoiled spots of the island featuring a strand of white sand gently touched by transparent waters.

Golfo della Mezzaluna, located in the South-West, is also only accessible by sea. This is due to the steep walls of the reef that stretches along this portion of the coastline and home to picturesque inlets and thrilling grottos, whose unforgettable vistas are a beloved destination of divers and snorkelers. On the eastern side of the gulf is the Bue Marino reef, boasting a big open grotto that is an absolute must-visit.


Cala Mariolu is the must-visit destination of Sardinia’s east coastsardini

North of Arbatax, after Capo Monte Santo, is Cala Mariolu. This heavenly strand that rests at the end of a rough trekking path (two to three hours walk) for expert and trained sportspeople can be reached more easily by boat. Boasting a stretch of tiny pebbles of white marble against a calcareous escarpment, Cala Mariolu lights up with the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub. The shallow seabed makes it a great swimming spot of children. Nearby is the rocky seabed of Grotta del Fico, easy to discover with snorkeling equipment. But beware: the sun shines on this inlet only in the morning and early afternoon hours, while it lies in the shadow for the rest of the day.


Do you know other dreamy strands in Sardinia?

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