Santorini and Mykonos for an exclusive weekend on a charter

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  • 17/01/2019

An unforgettable yacht cruise: Mykonos and Santorini
Sail to Santorini and Mykonos on a luxury charter for a weekend among the typical postcard-like white houses overlooking the deep blue sea.  The two islands are ever more up to date, different and yet similar especially in the way they always live up to expectations.

A longer yacht cruise of the Cyclades Island would be best to fully enjoy the beauty of these charming locations, but if you are planning to spend a weekend there here are our recommendations on what to see in Mykonos and Santorini.


Santorini Mykonos Yacht Charter

Visit Santorini on a luxury charter

Even on a short holiday you cannot miss shopping at Santorini’s exclusive stores: from jewels made by contemporary artists inspired by modernized Byzantine art to fashion and accessory shops selling the collections of local artists inspired by the colors of the island, to art galleries and chic wine bars.

For those who would prefer not to dine on board Santorini boasts several top quality restaurants, offering a taste of the local cuisine improved by professional chefs who know how to delight the palate of demanding patrons.



The weekend is almost over but you cannot leave the island without first visiting Red Beach, the world famous beach of red sand: a cliff made of lava that plunges into the crystal-clear sea, a proof of its volcanic origin. This almost surreal site rests on the southern coast of the island inside a large bay, the result of the erosion of the mountain that towers above it.

The most magical sunset is in Santorini, the truly unforgettable one that your mind will keep going back to long after your yacht cruise in Greece is over. Sipping a drink on one of Oia’s exclusive terraces you will be enchanted by the sight of the sun disappearing in the sea in a flash of red light, spectacularly coloring the outline of the ancient caldera. And here, in silent, suspended moments of contemplation of a spectacle that repeats itself everyday, the same and yet a different one each time, you will understand why there is no other sunset in the world like this.



Visit Mykonos on a luxury yacht

If Saturday in Santorini was fantastic, Sunday in Mykonos will be just as great. The island has a double nature: during the day it lives off the life of unspoiled sites where the sweet scent of the green Mediterranean vegetation enfolds the transparent sea; at night exclusive clubs fire up nights that seems to go on forever.

The white houses covered in bougainvillea flowers make Mykonos the symbol of the  kind of Mediterranean lifestyle that today is very much sought after and loved. But this is also the island of blasting music, a heaven of techno, house, commercial, minimal and garage sounds, of eccentric characters, of tourists in search of exciting and extreme adventures, as well as of hopeless romantics that will be enchanted by its sunsets.


Devote your day to soak up the sun on your luxury charter equipped with the most exclusive amenities and visit Mykonos best beaches. The most famous and trendy ones are along the southern coast, which  in the summer months can be very busy. Wilder and more secluded getaways are instead found in the north, perfect if you wish to steer away from the island’s night life.

The evening is spent at beach parties or exclusive clubs like Cavo Paradiso, Paradise or Skandinavian Disco Source where you will listen to the music of international DJs while sipping a cocktail to make your nights in Mykonos memorable. Or the clubs in Little Venice full of atmosphere and a touch of romance.

Ready to leave for an unforgettable weekend in Mykonos and Santorini on a luxury charter? Contact us, our team of experts will choose the perfect yacht for you and recommend the right tour for your next memorable cruise of Greece.

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