Salina’s luminous beauty

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  • 27/12/2018

The Aeolian Islands are one of the most beloved destinations to enjoy the beauty of luxuriant vegetation and crystal-clear waters on a charter. Each island of the archipelago is unique and has distinct features. Make sure to visit Salina on your next charter holiday in the Aeolian Islands by docking at Santa Marina, the main stop and the tourist harbor, or at Rinella, in the south-west of the island.

The island will charm you with its tasty cuisine – from capers to pane cunzato, to fish specialties to the typical Malvasia wine – and its beautiful luxuriant and wild nature


Salina’s small towns

Dominated by a majestic church and bell towers from the 18th century, Santa Marina is located at the foot of Fossa delle Felci on the picturesque side of a large crater. This town is the heart of the island, boasting typical shops and bars that come to life at sunset. If you love trekking in the Aeolians  don’t miss the trail through the olive groves and orchards leading to the saracen caves, half hidden by thick vegetation and carved in the tuff. In 650 b.C. the locals sought refuge there to get away from the atrocities of the Saracen invasion. The walls still show cross-shaped incisions and several votive inscriptions.

In the small fisherman town of Lingua you will instead find a salt lake (once a salt pan) and a typical pebble beach washed by crystal-clear waters. While Malfa stands out with its small white houses and a church dating back to the 1700s, Pollara is perhaps the most famous town of the archipelago as Massimo Troisi choose  its enchanting landscape to film some scenes of his last movie Il Postino.




Salina’s most enchanting beaches

Through the centuries the sea has sculpted Salina’s coastline, transforming it into a heaven where the silence and nature can help you regenerate yourself.

The beach of Pollara is one of the loveliest spots to discover on your next charter in the Aeolian Islands. The contrasting colors of the white cliffs and the dark sand are the characteristic feature of this volcanic site surrounded by green vegetation.

Spiaggia dello Scario, one of the most famous ones, is located in the north of the island. The transparent sea, smooth pebbles and a cliff overlooking the sea make this the perfect spot for sunbathing on your luxury charter before diving to explore the seabed. While Santa Marina boasts the best equipment, Rinella is one of island’s few sandy getaways, a crescent of black sand embraced by waters the color of lapis lazuli. Its fantastic seabed is a great spot for snorkeling fans.


Noleggio Yacht Sicilia

Vista Di Stromboli Da Salina Isola Della Sicilia

Salina’s nature reserve

Seven hectares of the greenest site of the Aeolian Islands make up the Nature Reserve “Le Montagne delle Felci e dei Porri”. Mediterranean vegetation covers the volcanic sides: Scotch broom, heather, arbutus unedo and lonicera turn into a thick woods on the eastern side. Maritime pines, chestnuts and alders cover the top of the mountain, while in the spring ferns blanket the large crater. The reserve is a haven for many birds, both nonmigratory and migratory species (buzzards, peregrine falcons, kestrels, Eleonora’s falcons), that find a comfortable stopping point in Lingua’s small lake.

The island of Salina, with its pebble beaches and thick vegetation, is a key destination of your next cruise charter of the Aeolian Islands.


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