From Saint Tropez to Hyéres and the Islands of the French Riviera

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  • 23/03/2018

From Saint Tropez to Hyéres and the Islands of the French Riviera
Visit the French Riviera on a luxury boat for a combination of exclusive social life, interesting adventures, charming landscapes, and picturesque vistas. A weekend in the French Riviera sailing from Saint Tropez to Hyéres on a charter boat is just as perfect as the one that goes from Port Grimaud to Cannes.


Sailing in the French Riviera: Saint Tropez

St-Tropez Vacanza Yacht Lusso

The glamour and sophistication of Saint Tropez are unmatched – its marina teems with super yachts, while sport cars pack the main square. The town shines with historical and cultural attractions, but what really makes it a top tourist attraction of the French Riviera are its glamorous restaurants and exclusive parties, attended by countless VIPs. Saint Tropez can be reached easily by sail and motorboat.

Take some time off visiting the white beaches of Tahiti or Pampelonne with their trendy clubs and then head to the old town for a stroll. Marvel at its lovely pastel-colored buildings whose shades go from pink to brown, framing the romantic harbor and many picturesque small squares. The atmosphere in La Ponche, the old fisherman quarter, is still like old times, while games of bocci take place below the sycamores in des Lices square. Enjoy a glass of Pastis and visit the luxury boutiques for some shopping or head to Musée de l’Annonciade to view a collection of paintings by Signac, Braque, Matisse, Utrillo, Van Dongen and Bonnard.


Sailing in the French Riviera: Hyéres

Hyeres Noleggio Yacht Lusso

The second stop of our itinerary of the French Riviera on a luxury boat charter is Hyéres, a symbol of Belle Epoque, also known as Hyères-les-Palmiers for its 7000 palm trees.

The town’s oldest area boasts small paved alleys that lead to the Romanic church dedicated to Saint Luis and to the ruins of the old castle that was once owned by the Fos family where tourists can enjoy a wonderful vista, all the way to the luxury shops located in Rue des Porches and Place George Clemenceau, in the heart of old town.

Salins des Pesquiers, Hyéres’ old salines, lie south of the city sprawling for about 3 kilometers and keeping their ancient structure that is home to an interesting natural ecosystem of pink flamingos and paludal birds.

Sailors and divers love Hyéres’ coast that boasts excellent waters. Pebbly and sandy beaches, some of the largest in Provence, are dotted with hidden coves and steep cliffs, creating a varied landscape that is perfect to enjoy and discover from a yacht. Plage de l’Almanarre is one of the loveliest spots.



The islands of the French Riviera

Opposite Hyéres is an archipelago constituted by the three main islands of Porquerolles, Port-Cros, and Ile du Levant and numerous islets covered by unspoiled vegetation.

Porquerolles is one of the most untouched destinations of the Mediterranean. Let the smell of eucalyptus, pine, and lavender guide you through white sandy strips and the 70 km of trekking paths that lead to the interior; a nice activity to engage into before going back to your yacht. Do not miss the beaches of Lequin and Notre Dame located on the northern coast, and Plage d’Argent situated in the west of the island. The southern tip instead boasts imposing cliffs and secluded coves, such as Breganconnet, whereas the charming beach of Galère can be reached easily by boat.

Port-Cros, the smallest among the islands of the archipelago, is a marine reserve. Wild and off the beaten path, it is the ideal spot to recharge your batteries, diving and trekking for a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the coast.

Finally Ile du Levant is almost entirely occupied by the Navy. The only accessible spot in the north-western tip is the site of the nudist village of Héliopolis. The island boasts an amazing seabed.

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