Sailing to Capri and Anacapri’s grottoes and sea stacks

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  • 01/06/2018

Yachting in Capri is the perfect occasion to go luxury shopping in an exclusive and elegant setting. But charting a superyacht is also a wonderful way to take in the spectacular view of the island’s grottoes and stacks, enjoying a unique combination of historical, cultural, and natural attractions.

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Yachting in Capri and Anacapri
Charter a luxury boat in Capri and discover the beauty of this charming island. Treat yourself to the comfort and privacy of an elegant boat to make your yacht holiday in Capri a unique and unforgettable experience.

Kick start your stay with a visit to Marina Piccola, one of the island’s most popular spots. This shallow bay boasting a Caribbean atmosphere is located a stone throw’s of the Piazzetta. The beach of whitewashed pebbles consists of two areas: the eastern Marina di Pennaulo and the western Marina di Mulo with the famous Scoglio delle Sirene. Opposite are Capri’s spectacular stacks.

Legend has it that the stacks, located to Capri’s south east, are home to mermaids, or their petrified bodies. On the formations, where once fires were lit up to signal the maritime route to sailors (the Italian “faraglione”, for stack, derives from the Greek word pharos, meaning light) lives the blue lizard (podarcis sicula coerulea), a rare sighting for experts. Scopolo, Stella, and Saetta rise against the sky, welcoming and bidding farewell to visitors with the moving intensity of a silent promise of return.

More secluded Mesola, located by the fort of the same name near the lighthouse of Punta Carena, can be reached by boat. This small fiord nestles among the rocks, creating a strip of sea enclosed in an embrace of wild vegetation.


Yachting in Capri and Anacapri: breathtaking vistas and the colors of the Blue Grotto

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The second part of our yacht holiday in Capri leads us to Anacapri, the island’s “other half”. Here find Monte Solaro (589 m) boasting Capri’s most spectacular vista of the Vesuvius, the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula, all the way to the mountains of Calabria.

On the northern seaboard is the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), the famous sea cave with the magical blue glow.

Near the surface of the water, not far from me, I saw a blue star that projected a long ray of light, pure as ether, on the body of the water

Hans Christian Andersen   

The intriguing history of this site continues to hold a fascinating spell on the visitor. Not far from the bay is the villa of the Roman Emperor Tiberius who used the grotto as a resting place, having built a direct connection to it from his dwelling. A number of Roman statues have been found in the area and for centuries the influence of mythology and mystery has only increased the charm of this magical place. Carsic phenomena created the heart-stopping spectacle of the grotto, which can be accessed only by rowboat. An underwater opening lets the sunlight into the cave, creating the typical blue color that has made this place a global icon of beauty.

The tiny beach of Gradola, popular with the inhabitants of Anacapri, is located near the Blue Grotto. This enchanting site boasts wonderfully transparent waters and is the perfect location to relax on your yacht.

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End your day sipping a drink in the Piazzetta – once a fish market before becoming an exclusive social spot – and sailing on your luxury charter to one of the starred restaurants on the Amalfi Coast for a delicious dinner.


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