Sailing in the Aegean, 4 days in Greece

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  • 25/01/2018

L’itinerario perfetto per una vacanza in yacht a noleggio in Grecia
Greece is a picturesque and magical country with a century-old history. Centuries before the birth of Christ, the cradle of Western civilization gave birth to philosophy, democracy, theater, and many of the literary works that still influence our ability to understand the world and human nature. Boasting breathtaking islands and spectacular beaches that can be accessed only by boat, this special place is the perfect destination of a yacht cruise in the Aegean Sea.


Yachting itinerary in Greece: Athens

Athens is the number one destination of any holiday in Greece. The Temple of Athena Nike and the Parthenon, built on the Acropolis in the span of 9 years in 447 b.C. to honor the goddess Athena, boast an imposing and majestic Doric style. The Ancient Agora is home to the Temple of Haephestus, one of the world’s best-preserved Doric structures, while the Acropolis Museum houses wonderful sculptures and a frieze that once adorned the tympanum of the temple that still dominates the city, an impressive example of the coexistence of the old and the new.

Rent a car and drive to the picturesque Oracle of Delphi where the Pythia, the high priestess of Apollo, prophesied in the course of complex ceremonies that drew visitors from all over Greece.


Yachting itinerary in Greece: Aegina

Surrounded by a thick pine grove, the Temple of Aphaia dominates the island of Aegina, which was home to the philosopher Plato. Renowned for its pistachios, this out-of-the-world destination has preserved its authenticity. Its secluded beaches are the perfect setting to enjoy quiet diving and relaxation on your luxury charter after hours spent walking the paths of Athens’ Acropolis and its artistic itineraries. Aegina’s biggest beach, a long and sandy strip of sand, is located near Agia’s harbor, other strands are Marathonas, Suvala, Vagia, and Perdika.

 Crociera Yacht Mar Egeo Cosa Vedere

Yachting itinerary in Greece: Poros

Poros, consisting of the small islands of Kalavaria and Sphairia, boasts pine groves and a neoclassical architecture. Anchor your charter and head to Poseidon’s Temple and the peaceful Zoodóchos Pigί monastery, located in the heart of the island. The beach of Kanali boasts a charming view, while the tiny Monastiri is the ideal spot to spend a few quite hours getting a tan and swimming in transparent waters. Vagionia is a good snorkeling spot featuring the remains of an ancient Greek civilization.

Yachting itinerary in Greece: Spetses

The intense fragrance of the local flora prompted the Venetians to name Spetses the island of the spices. On this tranquil, traffic-free island transportation takes place exclusively on horse-drawn carriages. Bougainvilleas and Mediterranean plants abound in the manicured gardens surrounding Spetses’ whitewashed and pastel-colored houses. The northern part of the island features pebbly beaches. For strands of golden sand head instead to the south, where spots like Paraskevi rest in the protective embrace of small bays surrounded by rocks and pine groves.

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Yachting itinerary in Greece: Hydra

Hydra is yet another one of Greece’s most authentic and picturesque destinations. Stroll across its narrow streets among the shops selling local handcrafted goods and enjoy a sip of ouzo at sunset at one of the bars found in the island’s less crowded spots. The statue of a boy on a dolphin celebrates Fellini’s eponymous film starring Sofia Loren, which was shot on Hydra. The island has many secluded coves of crystal-clear water and unexplored grottoes. The beach of Spilia is located in a scenic bay. Palamidas boasts a large sandy expanse, while Saint Nicholas is a popular snorkeling destination.

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Our recommended yacht tour of Greece is perfect for tourists in search of secluded and authentic destinations. If you’d rather head to trendier and more crowded spots read our post on discovering the Cyclades on a luxury charter!



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