Luxury Yacht Holidays: Why Yacht Charter Is The Safest Way To See The World

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  • 12/10/2020

If you think about the benefits of a yacht charter, you may first think of the luxurious accommodation, the dedicated crew to look after your every need, the opportunity to visit a variety of your favourite places from one travelling base, and the privacy that these holidays bring. However, in the era of COVID-19, another benefit has come to light – the safety of such a holiday, where only you, your family and friends, and a crew that is regularly tested for coronavirus are onboard. Below, discover what makes a luxury yacht holiday the safest way to travel in 2020 and beyond.

How a luxury yachting holiday offers an ultra-safe escape

Floating private bubble

While many other forms of holiday, such as staying in a hotel, flying on a commercial airline, or taking a cruise may feel too risky for many of us, due to the close proximity of other people, private yacht holidays have seen a big increase in 2020 bookings. This is because of the controlled environment that a yacht provides. If the guests wanted, they could avoid going ashore for their entire private yacht holiday, instead choosing to enjoy the water toys and luxury amenities onboard, and having every meal prepared for them by their dedicated chef. And for those who are feeling more adventurous can still easily avoid crowds, as the Captain will know all the secluded beaches and quiet towns in your cruising region, and the best-kept-secret restaurants to visit there. 

Luxury Yacht Holiday Silver Star Yachting

Domestic or abroad

Many people are feeling like they don’t want to give up on having a vacation in 2020, and luxury yacht holidays are currently one of the only ways to holiday safely. What’s more, they don’t have to involve leaving the country. Guests can choose to take a domestic charter if they don’t want to risk going abroad, simply travelling by car to meet the yacht. This offers the opportunity to explore new parts of the guests’ home country and fall back in love with where they live. Those who do wish to travel overseas can instead take a private jet, ensuring that they don’t risk unnecessary interactions with other people.

Enhanced cleaning and regular testing

With the crew at the guests’ disposal, there is also the reassurance that the yacht can be cleaned and disinfected as much as is desired, giving guests the same control that they would have over their own home. Yachts have already enhanced their current cleaning and hygiene regimes and are implementing new health and safety protocols, which include extending turnaround times between charters to allow for cleaning, regularly testing crew, and isolating rotating crew ashore before they rejoin the boat.

Options to suit everyone

For those who think yacht charter holidays aren’t your style, now is the time to give it a go. While most other forms of vacation are off the table – you never know, it might become a yearly staple! You may have heard that yacht charter is only for the super-rich, but here at Silver Star Yachting our yachts start at 12 metres and go up to 50+ metres, meaning that we have yachts to cater to different budgets and requirements. We also offer an extremely wide variety of yachts, including both motor and sailing vessels, and featuring different amenities including Jacuzzis, spas, and cinema rooms. With a broker by your side to help you plan the perfect trip, there’s no reason for you and your family not to have an incredible time. 


Contact our team of yacht charter brokers today to enquire about our last-minute yacht charters – we would be delighted to help you. 

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