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  • 26/02/2015


All yachts for charter feature their own unique combination of toys and tenders. These are hand-selected to provide an exciting and fun alter-ego to the luxury yachts they serve. As the yacht charter industry is one of the most innovative in the world, increasingly impressive yacht toys are constantly being manufactured. Here are the finest supplements you can find for your yacht this summer:

Jetlev Flyer

Jetlev In Action_10

The futuristic Jetlev Flyer looks like a piece of equipment more befitting a James Bond film. This particular yacht toy was designed by Canadian engineer Raymond Li and was originally launched in 2009. It has since become one of the most popular yacht toys among the yacht charter community and has featured on some of the largest yachts in some of the most amazing destinations. The Jetlev Flyer uses a suction device to circulate water through the system before then pumping it out of two nozzles, propelling the user to heights of up to 30ft. Indeed the jet pack design is so powerful that speeds of up to 30mph are possible. The Jetlev Flyer is ideal in Mediterranean destinations such as on a yacht charter in Sicily where the waters are extremely calm.



The Seabob resembles a bodyboard and motorbike hybrid. The passenger lies on their front and operates the toy in much the same way that one would drive a motorbike. The jet-powered Seabob travels at up to 15mph and is capable of manoeuvring both above and below waterline. The Seabob is therefore ideal for thrill seekers looking for a unique experience of underwater diving.

Jet ski


The jet ski is a time honoured yacht toy as popular today as it was when it was first created in 1972. Although it may be one of the more traditional yacht toys, it continues to provide excellent waterborne entertainment and can support more than one passenger at the same time, making the jet ski one of the more sociable yacht toys available.  The finest models are capable of travelling at up to 80mph. For those who prefer a more adrenaline filled adventure, the choppy waters of a yacht charter in Sardinia make the jet ski a more interesting prospect.



The Flyboard is one of the latest yacht toys to hit the water. In similar fashion to the JetLev flyer, the Flyboard is a water jet powered board. The principal difference being that the user is mounted upon a snowboard style platform. Flights up to 12m high are possible giving the impression of being able to float in the air, an extraordinary sensation.


This is the ideal yacht to toy for surfing enthusiasts chartering a yacht in calm waters. Moto GP and Formula 1 Engineers have collaborated to create the Jetsurf, a glorified surfboard with a motor attachment. At speeds of 35mph, this is a real challenge for even the most experienced surfers, but also a highly entertaining experience.

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