The Most Popular Features on Charter Yachts

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  • 03/02/2015

Silver Star Yachting offers its clients a vast selection of luxury yachts to charter, allowing them to choose a vessel and an itinerary that best matches their needs. This has become a necessary evolution in the yachting industry as clients continue to produce individual requests that are increasingly precise.

This is exactly what motivates Silver Star Yachting to strive to achieve a premium service. There is a yacht to match every whim and every idiosyncrasy, keeping the industry exciting. Having been in the yacht charter industry for a while, we learnt a great deal about modern yacht charter demands. We have compiled a list of the five most popular features requested by our clients.

High Speed Internet

High speed Internet has become essential in the modern era, and aboard the deck of a superyacht is no different. Clients expect a fast working broadband around the clock to service their tablets and smart phones as well as their yacht’s other technological features. Understandably, it is one of the most common requests we experience at Silver Star Yachting, and thankfully nearly all of the new yachts worldwide have risen to the demand while many of the older vessels are being systematically refitted to provide the service.

Private Cinema

Following news that the future world’s largest sailing superyacht is to be fitted with the first private IMAX theatre at sea, the demand for private cinemas is becoming increasingly more prominent. On-board entertainment is highly prized in the industry. The aim is to create the most enjoyable yachting holiday experience at all times, in all weather and for all guests. This means a range of entertainment aids with one of the most popular being a private cinema.

Yacht Toys

Another highly popular source of entertainment for guests are the yacht toys and tenders specific to each vessel. In line with an increasingly diverse range of products, is an increasingly demanding clientèle, expecting the latest and greatest for their yacht charter holiday. From new technology such as jet packs and seabobs to more classic seafaring entertainment like waterskis and kayaks, Silver Star Yachting will surely find the yacht toys that suit your needs.

At-Anchor Stabilisers

Whether you call it ‘at-anchor’ or ‘zero-speed’ stabilisers, most yachting clients will be familiar with the technology as this particular yacht feature has been available for some years now. Requests for the technology have become customary with the large majority of clients, particularly those chartering a yacht in the Caribbean, where a strong swell can be experienced.

The stabilising technology makes a noticeable difference, so much so that nearly all older yachts are being refitted with the necessary system installed as a matter of course.

Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi

One of the all time ultimate luxuries remains a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi or both. Our yachts offer different combinations of both, in different styles and shapes and with different features. There are few finer feelings than relaxing in a hot tub under the sun with a glass of wine in hand on a Monaco yacht charter. Experience this and all of the aforementioned features with Silver Star Yachting, leading Mediterranean yacht charter company.

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