A yacht charter is a unique experience, but it is only one part – although the most important one – of a dreamy holiday. Silver Star Yachting, a broker of certified experience of the luxury yacht market, relies on efficient partners to enrich its services.

Plane and helicopter flights
Do you need to rent a helicopter or a private flight? Through two important firms in this sector, we can offer Exclusive Jet flights to any destination in the world. From Cessna Citation to Boeing Executives, we organize airplane transfers even on short notice. For short-range transfers or where landing by plane is not allowed, we rely on a prominent twin-engined helicopter company with two on-board pilots. Reaching the port of leave of your charter easily and without stress is the first step of a truly perfect holiday.

Luxury car rental
All you need to do to rent the car of your dreams is ask your broker. A few hours spent on a luxury car driving through the beautiful roads of Sardinia or towards the social hotspots of the French Riviera adds a touch of magic to your holiday. Silver Star Yachting’s large selection of easy-to-rent cars with/without the driver includes Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghini or, for sporty types, Range Rovers. These are only some of the brands we offer for rent: just ask us for more!

Luxury villas for rent
You can go on a charter also to discover the hidden coves of the coast as you enjoy a relaxing stay by the sea. Add to this the comforts of an airy luxury villa to spend the rest of your day.