Multi-Week Yacht Charters in High Demand

  • Yachting
  • 02/07/2015

The Mediterranean is host to an extensive selection of spectacular locations, featuring a diverse range of dramatic landscapes, historical and cultural attractions and world-famous cuisine. The turquoise blue waters have always been a popular yachting destination, whether you charter a yacht in Sardinia and explore the Aeolian islands and Amalfi coast or discover the many beautiful unspoilt islands in Croatia and Greece.

For the first time since the global economic crisis, yacht charter bookings have witnessed a considerable increase in demand. This summer during the popular months of July and August, many owners of yachts for charter in the Mediterranean are requesting two-three week minimum bookings. This boost in multi-week yacht charters is a clear sign of a vastly improved worldwide economy.

Even some of the largest luxury superyachts available for charter have seen increasing numbers of requests, including the immense 73.51m Nobiskrug Mogambo which has a high-season weekly rate in excess of €900,000. These minimum length bookings for Mediterranean yacht charters are not set in stone, as many owners are still open to negotiations to close charter deals. However, given the rate of recovery in the world economy and current market demand, owners may soon be in a position to once again insist on these minimum duration bookings.


The world economy has witnessed a slow recovery since the global recession in 2008. However, it appears that this latest trend is being driven by a substantial increase in demand from the US market. As both the US economy and US stock market are reaching new heights since the 2008 crash, expenditure on luxury goods has greatly improved. With a number of top Mediterranean yacht charters receiving bookings well in advance, there is predominantly an optimistic outlook in the yachting market.

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