Motor Yacht Charter vs. Sailing Yacht Charter

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  • 04/06/2015

While some people maintain a firm allegiance with a motor yacht charter, others are adamantly partial to a sailing yacht charter, and often the two are mutually exclusive. Indeed, a friendly rivalry exists between the two factions.

Despite their differences, however, some hybrid luxury yachts for charter have begun to appear on the market, with many modern sailing yachts featuring motor yacht design specifications and certain motor yacht owners embracing the thrill of a sailing adventure. In fact, many crew have often turned their hands to both yacht types.

So with so much in question, what really is the difference between a motor yacht charter and a sailing yacht charter, and which should you choose this summer?

Motor Yacht Charter:

Blue Magic Motor Yacht

While the popularity of sailing yachts continues to increase, motor yachts continue to dominate the industry making up 90% of the world’s fleet.

There is little wonder why. The advantages of motor yachts are wholly evident. Motor yachts more powerful and faster vessels, capable of covering greater distances in less time. So if you are hoping to travel widely on your next luxury yacht charter holiday, then a motor yacht is the ideal vessel for you to choose.

Given their popularity, motor yachts have benefited from greater technological advances compared to their sailing counterparts. This means that not only is the motor yacht faster, but it also boasts a shallow draft that offers its guests the chance to navigate almost any coastline or archipelago, regardless of whether the passage is narrow or the water is shallow.

Motor yachts are equally popular for their versatility elsewhere. Motor yachts tend to be larger and enjoy greater deck space on average thanks to their design and relative size. This means more on board facilities, more guests and more opportunities for recreational activities.

Being powered by a motor has some fortunate but otherwise less evident benefits. As motor yachts are easier to operate the crew expenditure is greatly reduced and the crew recruitment process is far easier.

Sailing Yachts:

Sailing Yacht Vs Motor Yacht

The most common reason our clients choose a sailing yacht is for the sheer romanticism of the luxury yacht charter experience that you simply can’t enjoy on a motor yacht charter. The unbridled thrill of navigating the seas using the natural forces of the elements and the excitement of the adventure into wilderness is something that resonates with our sailing yacht charter customers.

Sailing, however, is not simply an art reserved for experienced seafarers. With the latest state-of-the-art stabilisers and the undoubted benefits of the keel and the rig, an extremely pleasurable and relaxing cruise can be enjoyed particularly on the typically calm seas of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Sailing yachts also tend to be slower than motor yachts and are often preferred by those searching for a peaceful experience at sea.

Indeed, sailing offers the unique opportunity to enjoy both a challenging sport and a peaceful cruise in the same holiday. This diversity is the exact reason why a sailing yacht charter remains a popular choice for many.

Sailing yacht owners also incur greatly reduced prices for purchase or charter and for maintenance. Sailing yachts, of course, consume far less fuel, which allows its guests to travel further for less and with fewer stops and which also makes sailing yachts a greener and more economic option.


Choosing whether you want a sailing or a motor yacht charter is, perhaps, the most important and first decision you will take when planning your luxury yacht charter this year. For further guidance on finding the yacht to suit you, please contact the Silver Star Yachting team and we will be happy to offer our professional advice.

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