Spargi: Discover Sardinia’s nature

Spargi: Discover Sardinia’s nature


The beautiful island of Spargi is one of the smallest of the Maddalena archipelago.


Drop anchor in Cala Conneri, to the east of the island, to enjoy the charm of a small bay surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, juniper bushes and luxuriant rosemary. Cruisers love the secluded, natural beauty and emerald waters of Cala Conneri, so far from more touristy destinations. The white sand and translucent water of this bay create a spectacle of boats floating like water lilies in a pond.

Spargi boasts many romantic beaches, reachable only by yacht. These coves and inlets are full of personality. With their sands that go from pink to black and granite rocks jutting from the sea, they effortlessly meet the expectations of the cruisers who sail to the coastline of Sardinia on a luxury yacht for hire. Cala Corsara is one of the most spectacular (and beloved) spots of the island, situated to the south of Spargi and approachable only by sea. Like the rest of the island, this cove is part of La Maddalena Natural Park. It harbors exotic and rare plants, including specimens of rose and Pancratium maritum that grow from windblown rock formations. Other beautiful beaches are Cala Soraya and Cala Granara. A special attraction of yachters, these usually peaceful spots offer a mix of enticing sea, evocative atmosphere, and tranquility. Ideal for a long day of relax and bathing.

Fans of diving and snorkeling love the seabed. The many underwater cliffs create natural pools that are very fun to explore.


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