Santa Margherita Ligure: The wonder of the Five Lands

Santa Margherita Ligure: The wonder of the Five Lands

Santa Margherita Ligure

Sometimes we can’t say why we fall in love with a place and not another. The romantic towns of Cinque Terre offer a unique experience to visitors, filled with unexpected surprises and beautiful sights. Santa Margherita Ligure is one such place.

Located on the coast east of Genoa (the Riviera di Levante), between Portofino’s promontory and the Gulf of Tugullio, Santa Margherita is a typically Mediterranean town surrounded by lush vegetation. This busy summer resort is well worth a visit if you are spending your summer retreat on a luxury charter off the Ligurian coast. The town is renowned for its special dish of red shrimp à la Santa Margherita, which can be enjoyed at one of the many starred restaurants that line its streets, amid spas, open bars, and exclusive hotels.

The area boasts the diving spots of the nearby Nature Marine Reserve, and alluring shingle, rocky, and sandy beaches. A stone’s throw from Santa Margherita is the castle of Paraggi. Use its pebbly shore as a base for snorkeling adventures in the surrounding waters. The area is also a freediving paradise, with lots of underwater caves and grottoes.

Paraggi’s sandy beach and emerald waters are the pride of Santa Maria Ligure, as is the reef of Punta San Michele di Pagana. The strip of coastline extending between Rapallo and Portofino is sprinkled with secluded beaches, whose beautiful seabed attracts divers and snorkelers.

Santa Margherita is a nice alternative to Portofino that should be included in your yachting itinerary. Elegant and evocative, it is a small pearl that knows how to please demanding of visitors.

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