Sanremo: The city of flowers between the casino and the shore

Sanremo: The city of flowers between the casino and the shore

San Remo

Would you like to reach San Remo by yacht for an aperitif and an afternoon of shopping? If you plan to spend some time on the Ligurian coast, the city of flowers is a great stop to have some fun wandering the alleys or having dinner at one of its many fish restaurants.

San Remo is one of the top destinations of your luxury charter along the Ligurian coast. The symbols of this small and sophisticated town, resting on an inlet of the coast, are the music industry, the Mediterranean sea, and the flowers. San Remo was founded by the Romans and became an important administrative center. Luxurious and fragrant orange groves grow in the city, thanks to the balmy climate and the mitigating effect of the surrounding mountains.

Walking through the streets of San Remo is the best way to enjoy its colorful show of monuments and buildings that bland the old and the new. Visit the orthodox church of Cristo Salvatore, built by the Russian nobility, and the Pigna, San Remo’s oldest district containing historic attractions, charming little squares, and the famous carrugi, characteristic streets that twist around the hill.

San Remo is also renowned for its music festival, one of the major media events in Italy. The first edition of San Remo Music Festival Award (Festival della Canzone Italiana) took place in 1951 and was broadcast worldwide by RAI, Italy’s national broadcaster. Every year, in February, national and international celebrities pack the flower-decorated streets of the city to attend the contest.

There are numerous water activities available in San Remo. The Californian atmosphere and long waves of Tre Ponti beach, the effect of the local geology, attract hordes of tourists. Thanks to San Remo’s favorable position, yachters can easily access other diving and snorkeling destinations of the area, including Arma di Taggia and Santo Stefano.

As you sail along the Ligurian coast, a stop in San Remo is a must. Moor in Portosole, embedded in the colors and smells of the Riviera, to enjoy a perfect day of shopping at the exclusive boutiques of Via Matteotti, dine at one of the renowned restaurants of the city, or down a drink in one of the town’s many charming squares.

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