Portovenere and Palmaria: Fall in love with Liguria

Portovenere and Palmaria: Fall in love with Liguria

Portovenere e Palmaria

Porto Venere is the smallest of the municipalities in the province of La Spezia and one of the oldest in Liguria. The charming town is renowned for its waters and urban structure dating to the fifth century b.C.

The view from the deck of your luxury yacht charter is simply breathtaking. The vibrant colors of the houses, typical of the fishing villages of Liguria, mix with the blues of sea and sky, painting a gracious picture of unspoiled and unique beauty.

Porto Venere sits at one end of the charming bay of Poets (Baia dei Poeti), opposite the isle of Palmaria. Its touristic harbor received full Blue Flag status in 2013. The enchanting inlet of Le Grazie welcomes the yachters sailing from La Spezia with an exclusive marina, equipped to accommodate the luxury charters en route to the Cinque Terre.

A unique mix of historical and natural beauty makes Porto Venere a renowned destination of nautical tourism and a must-see of yacht charter vacation along the Ligurian Riviera. You can stop off for a romantic stroll through the old alleys of the village, reaching the churches of San Lorenzo and San Pietro to enjoy a spectacular view of lights and colors reflecting on the sea. Make time to visit the pits, where the black Portoro marble is quarried.

The outdoor activities in Porto Venere include excursions and trekking. The most famous hiking path joins Porto Venere and Campiglia.

At a short sailing distance from Porto Venere is the idyllic isle of Palmaria. Dense Mediterranean scrub covers this rocky outcrop which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Porto Venere’s beaches of Secco and Fornace offer an array of land and water sports. Snorkeling in these waters is a surreal experience, and walking through enchanted gardens is like time-travelling to a different time. Don’t miss out on this spectacular destination in your coast-to-coast charter vacation of Cinque Terre.

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