Portofino: Luxury and elegance in the piazza

Portofino: Luxury and elegance in the piazza


Some call Portofino the eighth wonder of the world. Perhaps the most enchanting settlement of the Cinque Terre, this fishing village is a magnet for the yachting crowd.

For snorkeling enthusiasts, the clefts and cracks of the 50-meter deep cliff afford an extraordinary adventure in the underwater paradise, where light refracts on a seabed populated by red corals.

The promontory is home to a variety of marine environments and several shallows. Secca dell’Isuela and Gonzatti are perfect for fishing, surrounded by the local fauna. Novice divers can easily dive to the statue of Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abyss), placed at 15 meters depth in the bay of San Fruttosio. Another snorkeling site is the coral colony of Altare at 30 meters depth. Recommended to expert divers, the area is densely populated by lobsters, groupers, and gorgonias.

Sailing on your luxury charter along the Ligurian coast, the pastel-colored fishing village of Portofino is a seaside gem set in the dramatic natural landscape of Cinque Terre. The bay boasts the flashy marina of old town with the picturesque Piazzetta del Borgo. The area can accommodate a limited number of boats up to 60 meters and features berths for mega-yachts.

Portofino’s municipal area includes a regional park and a national marine reserve. The unspoilt atmosphere of these locations and the exclusive life of the tiny village, where celebrities and billionaires mingle among the colorful houses, afford a unique experience when you visit Portofino on your luxury charter.

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