The Maddalena Archipelago: Nature and relax

The Maddalena Archipelago: Nature and relax

La Maddalena

Sail on a luxury yacht charter across Sardinia’s emerald waters toward the archipelago of La Maddalena.


Situated to the north-east of Sardinia, this group of islands is dotted with coves and beaches of incredibly white or pink sand, like Capo Coticcio in Caprera.

The small stretches of sand, unspoiled and caressed by a turquoise sea, are the principal attraction. Out of bounds to tourists, the scatter of islands and islets of La Maddalena has been a marine reserve since the early Nineties. One of the best ways to experience it to the fullest is on a yacht charter. Cruising on the crystal-clear waters and magical landscape of the Archipelago is simply unforgivable.

The island of La Maddalena has preserved the charm and personality of an old village. From the harbor of Cala Gavetta visitors have a clear view of the historical center. Enjoy a walk through the narrow alleys that crisscross the whole island, called carrugi, among charming buildings from the 19th century and small shops. The area teems with restaurants and stores selling local handicraft. Fans of diving must visit Nino Lamboglia Archeological Naval Museum.

Sleeping on the island is a magical adventure, as La Maddalena is home to one of the best hotels of the archipelago. Its cozy beaches are often immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that enlivens the coasts of Sardinia. Spalmetore is the perfect destination to visit if you reach La Maddalena by yacht charter. Here, you will find anchorage for a relaxing day in the sun. Other must-visit coves are Cala Francese and Gavetta.

After leaving La Maddalena, set sail to the islands of Spargi and Caprera.


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