Ile Cavallo: Corsica at its coziest

Ile Cavallo: Corsica at its coziest

Ile Cavallo

Admiring Ile Cavallo from a luxury charter sailing along the Corsican coast is a unique experience. The outline of the island’s wild beauty appears from the distance, showing a mix of rocky patches, luxurious vegetation, and colors and smells that call to mind the nearby Sardinia.

A visit to the island will leave you literally breathless. The beauty of this magical location, accessible only by a limited number of boats, is almost unreal. Unsurprisingly, Ile Cavallo is home to the reach and famous, including Princess Caroline of Monaco, who owns a house on Palmà beach.

Wild nature and clear waters surround the exclusive hotel & SPA des Pecheurs, making it the ideal retreat to wind and relax off the beaten path. This secluded structure features a private beach of fine white sand.

Due to its exclusive status and high quality of life, Ile Cavallo is treated like a private location. Tourists love this atoll for the extreme privacy of its shallow and translucent waters and wonderful beaches.

A fragile equilibrium between man and the sea protects the isle’s breathtaking natural heritage. Careful surveillance and the ban on the use of any beach equipment ensure that the shores preserve their unspoiled and pristine nature.
Cars are also banned. Visitors can navigate the 15 kilometers of coast only by foot or electric vehicles, experiencing hours of absolute relax snorkeling and swimming in enchanting shoals and secluded coves.

Part of the Lavezzi archipelago, Ile Cavallo is one of the top destinations of a luxury charter of Corsica. This piece of marine paradise offers a variety of exciting adventures, including diving and snorkeling.

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