Genova: Breathtaking Liguria


Framed by mountains and sea, Genoa is synonymous with seafaring. The marina of this major Mediterranean port city can accommodate more than 2000 luxury boats up to 90 meters. The port includes the marina of Sestri Ponente, the old harbor and the Levante host to Genoa International Boat Show in October.

The piers stretch out into the sea, meeting in the crystal-clear waters off the Ligurian coast. Due to its strategic position, the fascinating Genoa has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures. On of the major Maritime Republics, the city boasts the biggest and busiest port in Italy. The docks, a city within the city, house the main tourists attractions, including the Aquarium and the Maritime Museum.

Spreading on the surrounding hills, Genoa provides yachters with an ample choice of attractions. These include the funicular at Castelletto and Watchtower, which afford an excellent view of the city and port area. Getting lost in the streets of this UNESCO World Heritage site is the best way to take a break from your yacht charter vacation and visit the Ligurian capital.

The nearby Camogli and Nervi make for good diving and snorkeling spots. The coastal seabed is home to a variety of animal species and a lush marine flora. Through the centuries, the discreet charm of this maritime city has captured the imagination of poets, writers, and musicians, including Italian idol Fabrizio De André.

Given its maritime history, Genoa hosts a number of nautical fairs besides the renowned International Boat Show. These include the glamorous MYBA Charter Show, held in May, an event that fans of luxury yachts cannot miss.

Several exciting events take place in the splendid scenario of Genoa’s waters. Millevele is a historical sailing regatta organized by Genoa’s Yacht Club. Enjoy the sight of luxury yachts moored in the port, or beautiful boats racing on the horizon, as you sip a drink on the esplanade, perhaps at sunset, when the sun transforms the view into a shining picture of unsurpassed elegance.

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