Caprera: The timeless island

Caprera: The timeless island


Caprera is the second biggest island of the archipelago and is connected to its big sister (La Maddalena) by bridge. It too is part of La Maddalena National Park. Its 45 kilometers of wild and rough coastland are a paradise that welcomed (and was in turn loved) by the Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, who spent here the last years of his life.


Caprera has many beautiful beaches, like the Spiaggia del Relitto (Relic Beach9 situated on the small peninsula of Punta Rossa. Unlike the Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos, here the rocks and white sand preserve the remains of an old wooden boat, creating a unique picture. Sailing along the eastern coast from Stagnali, encounter many inlets and the adjoining beaches of Due Mari.

Drop anchor in Capo Coticcio (also known as Sardinia’s Tahiti) to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and the spectacle of the setting sun on one of Caprera’s most beautiful beaches.

More turquoise waters and breathtaking vistas await cruisers on the western coast of Caprera, which boasts inviting and remote coves, reachable only by sea. End the tour of the island sunbathing on the white sands or diving in the crystal-clear sea of Cala Andreani, in the southernmost part of Caprera.

The unspoiled nature of the natural reserve, innumerable beaches with hues ranging from white to pink, and unique sunsets, make this the perfect destination to take a break from the playful hustle of the coastal social life

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