Cannes: The exclusive French Riviera

Cannes: The exclusive French Riviera


Cannes is one of the most glamorous stop-offs for the world’s yachting set. In the port and old harbor of France’s own Venice fishing boats rest side by side with megayachts and luxury boats.

Cannes draws a large crowd of boat enthusiasts and yachters sailing on luxury boats along the French Riviera. You can rent a charter to experience the dazzling splendor of this village lying by the sea, like a diva on the Croisette.

Every year, Cannes hosts the Cannes Yachting Festival and Cannes Film Festival. On these occasions, the marina, which comprises the modern and old ports, swarm with the mega-yachts of international celebrities. This is when the Croisette, the world’s most famous esplanade, puts on its best show, exploding with colors to the delight of the dazzled visitors.

Beyond the glamour and the divas, Cannes and the French Riviera offer also stunning beaches and countless activities.

For a breathtaking sight of the town, hike up to its oldest core located on the Suquet hill. Cannes sits at the heart of a path beaten by the world’s most exclusive yacht charters. All you need to do to enjoy a taste of the area is to hop on your boats and head off to the nearby Antibes, Nizza, and Saint Tropez.

Off shore from the coast are the Lérins Islands. The two outcrops contain various historical buildings, including the fortress on Ile Ste-Marguérite that held the terrifying “man in the iron mask”. On Ile St-Honorat the old monastery sells an excellent wine.

In Cannes you will find both busy and secluded beaches, as well as several attractive spots off the coast to reach on your luxury yacht. The Boulevard du la Croisette boasts a few lidos, with the Plage de la Boca and Plage du Midi drawing a big crowd in the summer months. To enjoy a quite dip in the sea head off to the nearby private shores of Plage Royal and Plage du Maritinez. Several other plages can be accessed via the exclusive hotels of the Riviera.

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