Calvi: Discover the north of Corsica

Calvi: Discover the north of Corsica


Calvi’s thousand kilometers of coast in the northwestern part of Corsica make it a beloved destination of yacht charters. Calvi is within reach of all the many beaches and inlets that dot the surrounding region of Balagna. A Caribbean-like atmosphere of pearl-white shores and transparent waters makes this a perfect destination for excursions, snorkeling, and scubadiving.

Saleccia is one of Corsica’s most outstanding beaches, where the Mistral blowing from the north-west carved a dramatic seascape of inlets and cliffs raising from the turquoise and transparent waters of the Mediterranean. The striking view is a reward for visitors, since the beach can be accessed only by jeep, bicycle, or (trained foot), via a 12-kilometer windy path.

Calvi rests on top of Punta della Revellata, in the northwestern region of Corsica, affording visitors an attractive mix of nature and history. The many alleys, historical buildings, and cafes of its Citadel promise fun and adventure. The view from the lower part of the town is breathtaking, especially on the promenade at sunset. A visit to the baroque church of Santa Maria Maggiore with its beautiful dome is highly recommended.

The offer for fans of water sports includes windsurfing and kayaking, while excursions and horse-riding on the beach are available for visitors willing to spend some time surrounded by nature.

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