Bonifacio: quiet, nature, and relax in Corsica

Bonifacio: quiet, nature, and relax in Corsica


The French municipality of Bonifacio is located on the strip of sea that separates Corsica from France. If you plan a trip to this area, don’t miss visiting this lovely town.

The heart of the town, with its web of narrow streets, clings to the one Corsica’s many romantic cliffs. Visitors arriving on a luxury charter moor in the picturesque port, fronted by attractions and venues offering lively entertainment.

In the past, Bonifacio’s favorable position made it an unassailable Genoese stronghold. To this day, the peculiar geography preserves the unspoilt nature and authentic identity of the island.

The sea is one of the top attractions here. The wild Iles Lavezzi, with its turquoise waters and impressive rock formations, is a remote, windy spot, ideal for windsurfing.

Walk past Piantarella beach to reach the amazing cove of Plage du Petit Spérone, another pool of crystal-clear waters and unspoilt nature. The Strait of Bonifacio, with the archipelago of La Maddalena and the French isles of Cavallo and Lavezzi, is a must-stop of your yacht charter of Corsica. Measuring only 11 kilometers, it is difficult to navigate, but just as outstanding. Shoals and rocks, as well as the strong northwest gale, the Mistral, make sailing uncomfortable, but the spectacular view of limestone formations and deep sea attracts intense yacht traffic in the Strait. Scubadiving along Corsica’s rugged outline is adventurous, offering a surreal experience to expert and novice divers.

Either start your charter from Bonifacio or stop by this jewel of the coast if you took off from somewhere else.

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