Amalfi: the pearl of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi: the pearl of the Amalfi Coast


Once a powerful Maritime Republic, historically Amalfi was a major commercial harbor of the Mediterranean. Today, it is one of the top destinations of the Amalfi Coast, visited and adored by the yachters who tour the Phlegraean islands and coast.


The flagship destination of the stretch of land to which it gives the name, Amalfi’s small perimeter heaves with attractions. Thanks to its charming hospitality, wonderful sea, vibrant culture, arts, gastronomy, and luxury hotels (like Santa Caterina, NH Collection, Grand Hotel Convento), it has earned a place of prominence on tour guides the world over.

Staying in Amalfi is an unforgivable experience. This spot of the Coast is a dream come true and it is really not a surprise that UNESCO named it World Heritage Site in 1997.

Exclusive and vibrant, Amalfi is a unique blend of extra-luxe hotels, elegant restaurants and beaches, and electrifying street life that meet the expectations of tourists in search of fun and relax.

The harbor in Amalfi teems with boats. Yachters and visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere of this urban masterpiece of sea-smelling alleys, charming secluded inlets and grottos, and sun-filled beaches, such as those of Duoglio and Atrani.

Don’t forget to add wonderful Amalfi to the list of places to visit on your next yacht charter in the Mediterranean: it will be love at first sight.


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