Panarea: The Aeolians’ VIP island

Panarea: The Aeolians’ VIP island


Panarea is one of the top yachting destinations of the Aeolian Archipelago and also the most exclusive one, attracting flocks of celebrities every year. Yet, it is also a peaceful destination, affording hours of pure relaxation.


The smallest and oldest of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea is located north of the Sicilian coast. Its main center, the tiny SanPietro, is the fabulous scene of a lively nightlife, animated by exclusive restaurants and clubs. During the day, San Pietro has an array of shopping and cultural options.

Popular with national jet-setters, Panarea is a magnet for the international yachting crowd. Sail here during your yacht charter vacation in Sicily, to join in the unparalleled beauty and glamorous atmosphere of Panarea’s volcanic setting. Dive and snorkeling sites, aquamarine waters, dramatic rock formations, coral reefs, and an enticing rugged silhouette sculpted by volcanic activities make Panarea a lovely yachting destination.

Discover Panarea’s most stunning spots from the deck of your yacht. Search for the indents and romantic recesses of the furrowed coastline for a few hours of splendid isolation, or treat yourself to snorkeling and diving off the magnificent beaches in the northeast of the island. The precipitous cliffs of the remaining coastline make some beaches accessible only by boat. The tiny islets offshore house the beautiful strands of Basiluzzo and LiscaBianca. Great dive sites, among the best of the archipelago, are Spinazzola, Peschiera Sommersa, Scoglio di Pietra Nave, the wreckage of Lisca Bianca, and Formiche di Panare.

Cala Junco is one of Panarea’s top attractions. Hanging close to the settlement of Punto Milazzese, it is a rock-strewn beach nesting in a lovely cove. Calcara sits inside an inactive volcano, where you can gaze out over a breathtaking view. Its hot soil and fumaroles have a positive effect against respiratory ailments. Cala Zimmari is Panarea’s only strand of sand of shining gold. Charter a luxury yacht with Silver Star Yachting and don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this lovely island and enjoy a glorious sunset from its one of its fine beaches.


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