Vulcano: Wild nature and wellness in the Aeolian archipelago

Vulcano: Wild nature and wellness in the Aeolian archipelago


Vulcano is perhaps the most stunning of the Aeolian Islands and a renowned destination of wellness tourism, thanks to the presence of thermal springs and healing mud baths.

Vulcano’s 21sq kilometers surface houses breathtaking ribbons of sand, extinct volcanoes and lava flows, such as Vulcano della Fossa and the smaller Vulcanello and Monte Aria, Monte Saraceno and Vulcano della Forgia, Pietre Cotte. Sitting in the dazzlingframework of the Aeolian archipelago, Vulcano’s mysterious and magical atmosphere inspired William Shakespeare to set his The Tempest right on these shores, where history blends in with myth.

Vulcano is popular with tourists and yachters who spend here part of their cruise on luxury boat charters. Levante bay is one of the main berthing sites of the archipelago, accommodating about 120 sailing or motorboats up to 60mt. Taking a sheltered mooring is stress-free and affords to have a good bath in the transparent waters of the island.

Reach the island from Lipari or the Sicilian coast and hit Spiaggia delle Sabbia Nere or Porto di Ponente, boasting the island’s characteristic fine black sand and tourist facilities. Alternatively, head to Spiaggia del Gelso, or sail the extra mile to the charming cove of Spiaggia dell’Asino. The beach can be accessed also by a steep, narrow stairway and is the scene of the island’s glamorous nightlife.

Thrill-seekers can climb to the top of the volcano, amid arduous footpaths and sulphur emissions. The breathtaking view of the whole of the Aeolian archipelago from the top is the best reward for your climbing efforts.

Volcano is also a hotspot of wellness tourism thanks to the thermal springs located in the surroundings of Levante. You don’t want to miss spending here a few days of your holiday in the Aeolian archipelago on a luxury charter. Maybe, as you gaze at the stars at night, you will even spot 4464 Vulcano, the asteroid discovered in 1966 named after the island.


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