Ventotene: The Pontines’ “little one”

Ventotene: The Pontines’ “little one”


A Pontine archipelago’s small volcanic island: Ventotene, along with the islet of Santo Stefano, wild and full of mystery, is an intimate island, where the narrow alleys of the village are mixed with the charm of unspoiled landscapes.



The perfect place for surfers and lovers of water games because of winds and for fans of snorkeling and diving because of the protected marine reserve that surrounds the island and where there are many important examples of flora and fish fauna.

Known in the past as the Pandataria or Pandateria, the island of Ventotene is a

destination to love or to hate: houses and aqueducts ruins, a

harbor and other remains of Roman domination carved in the volcanic rock characterize and emphasize the rough both charm and sweet.

For fans divers, professionals or not, there are many possibilities for diving. The Secca dell’Architetto is one of these: 300 meters from the coast in the middle of the high seas (reachable therefore only with a charter) and with a very high level of commitment (up to 50 meters) you can enjoy a really fashinating underwater tunnel. Another recommended diving is the one to Punta Pascone, which is quite simple and suggested also for the beginners and it is particularly attractive for underwater photography. Another one (slightly morecomplicated) is the one to Punta dell’Arco: two caves to visit at forty meters in depth. For those who love, instead, the magic of the wrecks we recommend the diving at 40 meters in depth to see the wreck of Saint Lucia, the ship beaten by an air raid in 1943.

With an area of ​​less than 4 kilometers from side to side, for who approaches with a charter, Ventotene looks like a whale lying in the sun. The light line of low houses, the pergolas of country houses and slow rhythms that characterize the island are really evocative. Also called Island of the Sirens of Ulysses, the smallest town in Central Italy has two adjacent ports, and one of them has Roman origin.

A walk through the ancient Roman port is a must: an erosion in the same volcanic earth of the island. A port completely dug into the rock which is a safe save for craft even in case of bad weather. Just like a mum, the artificial cove protects from every wind, both the mistral wind and the west wind. Not far from the Roman port, there is the Pescheria Romana, an evocative rock excavation which, along with the Roman cisterns, is a watchful testimony of the Roman presence in the pontine islands. To reach them, you can take a pleasant walk from Piazza Castello.

Another point of interest that you have to visit if you are interested in archeology is the Archaeological Museum in the Bourbon fort near the town of Ventotene: rich in archaeological sites and finds divers from the island and from the surroundings. Of great interest it is also Villa Giulia, named after the daughter of the Roman emperor who was banished to the island. The building overlooking the headland of Punta Eolo extends for over 300 meters: you can still recognize the various environments and its thermal baths are beautifully preserved.

The island of Ventotene is also an important stop for migrating birds: if you are passionate about ornithology is a very unique place for birdwatching. The Museum of Migration is highly recommended for those who like this kind of hobby: here you can really learn many concepts interactively.

Not far from the island of Ventotene, there’s another island, also of volcanic origin, born – geologists assume- in the same period of its bigger sister. The islet of Santo Stefano is perfect for a fast and intense bath in Cala Ship or for a walk to the harbor, but it’s really hard to dock here because of the presence of cliffs around the island.

The lack of a sheltered for the boat is balanced by the characteristic Bourbon prison: a circular structure that precluded the sea view to the detainees to aggravate their imprisonment. Obviously this is not true for those who visit it: breathtaking landscapes capture the gaze to the horizon in these rare beauty island.


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